This Man Proposed To His Ex-Wife Again After They Divorced & The Video Will Ruin You

by Candice Jalili

We've all heard of the classic, fairy-tale love story trope. Two people meet, instantly fall in love, get married, have lots of babies and live happily ever after. I don't know about you, but after hearing about a million versions of that same story and comparing it to real life, where nothing ever happens that seamlessly, I'm bored of that storyline. I want something more realistic that I can aspire to in terms of my own relationship goals. And this video of a divorced couple getting engaged again is EXACTLY what I have been waiting for. Introducing your new realistic relationship goals.

Jeffrey Agan Sr., 52, and his ex-wife-turned-fiancée Lorrie Agan, 51, are a couple from Bowling Green, Ohio. Their 21-year-old son, Jeffrey Agan Jr., told BuzzFeed that his parents originally tied the knot in 1989 "in an electronics store, because they were too poor to afford a proper wedding." After having eight children together, his parents, Jeffrey Jr. explained, "fought, separated, divorced, and it tore the family apart." He continued, "Each of us felt like we had to cope with the destruction in different ways, and on our own."

While things might have felt like they were at an irreversible low point when the Agans first separated, things slowly but surely started to improve for the couple as time went on. BuzzFeed News reports that the couple spent their time apart really working on themselves on growing, in addition to seeking out professional help. And all of these positive changes made them feel like they were ready to start talking again. Then, one thing lead to another, and the two started dating all over again, according to Jeffrey. Everything was going so well that, on Dec. 22, 2017, Jeffrey Sr. decided to propose in the most adorable way ever in front of their entire family, as you can see in Jeffrey Jr.'s tweet below:

Some highlights from the video? Of course, there's the first part where Lorrie wonders if the giant cardboard box Jeffrey Sr. just gifted her is actually a pizza. Then, there's the part where she realizes what it actually is: a beautiful poem (written by Jeffrey Sr. himself, according to BuzzFeed News) narrating their love story, which ultimately ends with him asking her to be his bride once again. My personal favorite part? When Lorrie realizes what's going on halfway through the poem and lunges into his arms, as she screams "yes" through joyful tears.

The news was just as well received by the children as it was by their mother. Jeffrey Jr. explained to BuzzFeed News, "This has been a magical time for my family, with all this outpouring of support. I have defining proof that true love does exist, and that gives hope to so many people!"

If you're thinking the rest of the family was in on the proposal the whole time, think again. "No one knew Dad had planned the proposal, and the detail and love he put into it," Jeffrey Jr. said. "But I read the situation quickly as it was happening and I pulled out my phone and caught a recording!"

The recording that he posted on Twitter has since gone very viral, with the video now having garnered over 10 MILLION views. Jeffrey Jr. was frankly shocked at its popularity. "I expected like, six favorites from close friends," he said. "I never anticipated for it to go viral!" To contribute to their parents' fairy-tale ending, the kids want to throw their parents their own perfect wedding "to thank them for all the sacrifices they’ve made for us kids."

"Things were hard, tight, and tough for us as a family, but we never went hungry and they’ve spent so much time trying to dig us out of the dirt," Jeffrey Jr. continued. "They’ve invested in our success and our futures at the expense of their own wants and needs."

If you want to help the Agan kids throw their parents their dream wedding, feel free to contribute to Jeffrey Jr.'s GoFundMe page that he created to help them finance the wedding.

Congrats to the Agan family, and cheers to a lifetime of happiness!

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