People Can't Get Over This Video Of A Cat Literally Opening A Bathroom Door With Its Paws

Cats frighten me, guys. Do you know why? Because they're so freaking intelligent. To be completely honest, I've never actually owned a cat; I'm just basing my opinion off cats that I've seen online and IRL. For instance, a new video of a cat opening a door is currently making its rounds on Twitter — and it has me convinced that the feline species is smarter than they appear to be. Trust me, the following footage will leave you #shook.

The video that I'm referring to was originally posted by Aliyah Steele (@steeleio_) on Feb. 21, and it's gone viral in a matter of 24 hours. Why is that, you ask? Oh, it's only because she caught her roommate's cat, Cubby Jay, literally opening their bathroom door with its paws. Normal, right? If you don't believe me, watch the video for yourself; you'll see the entire situation unfold.

At the beginning of the video, Cubby Jay can be seen toward the bottom of the bathroom door. He's seemingly confused and searching for a way out — and when he spots the door handle, he takes a leap onto the sink counter. (I'm telling you, he knows exactly what he's doing.)

What he does next will blow your mind.

Once Cubby Jay lands on the sink counter, he reaches for the door handle. That's certainly not where he stops, though. After reaching for the grip, he literally latches himself onto the door rim for support and toggles the handle so that the door opens. Then, the clever cat jumps back onto the ground, pushes the door forward, and walks out of the room.

As you could imagine, Twitter is in awe.

Heck, I'm also in awe. How did Cubby Jay find out how to open the door, and how long as he been doing it for? I don't know about you, but I have questions.

Elite Daily reached out to Aliyah Steele on Twitter and asked how long he's been opening doors for, and she says that he's been doing it for "maybe a year now." That's a long time, and I'm sure it took practice and dedication to learn how to open a door like that. Bravo, Cubby Jay. Bravo.

After Steele put a hidden camera in her bathroom and shared the feline footage on Twitter, other people started sharing their own mischievous cat videos — and some of them are pretty impressive.

For instance, take a look at this video of a cat leaping onto a teeny, tiny door rim.

Or, look at this cat jumping up and grabbing the handle of a locked door (better luck next time).

Here's another cat breaking into its owner's bathroom.

The following feline is shown opening its house door like a true human:

Who knew cats were so good at opening doors? How did I miss this?

As you can see, Cubby Jay isn't the only cat who opens doors on the reg — but he was one of the few that've gotten caught in the act. In a tweet following her cat footage, Steele suggested that Twitter users check out her Instagram Story for more videos of the smart feline. I have a feeling they'll be just as impressive.