This TikTok emoji list with codes includes 46 symbols.

Check Out These Secret TikTok Emoji Codes That Are Only Available In The App

TikTokers are realizing just how easy it is to add some extra personality to their TikTok comments via emoji. While some users have been in on the TikTok emoji list with codes for a while, you might be surprised to learn you can use TikTok-exclusive emojis like "lovely," "proud," and "complacent" with the right formula. The codes in the TikTok emoji list includes access to 46 different graphics denoting a wide gamut of emotions. If you're ready to go beyond your emoji keyboard, here's how to use any of the so-called "secret emojis" in your comments.

ICYMI, TikTokers have had access to almost 50 emoticons that Apple and Android users don't have on their phone keyboards since August 2018. While many people thought that TikTok got rid of these specialty graphics in June 2020, you can actually still access and use them by typing in their specific "code" or by copy and pasting them. While the feature has largely flown under the radar for the past couple of years, they're trending as users are discovering them and the tag #TikTokEmojis has 11.9 million views as of March 26.

To use them, you can tap on the comments section of any video and go where it says "Add comment..." From there, you'll enter two brackets with no spaces and the code word in between, i.e. [happy], and your "code" will be transformed into a TikTok-specific emoticon.

You can find a full list of all of the TikTok emoji codes at Some, like [laughwithtears], [wicked], and [thinking] look pretty similar to the emojis you can access on your iPhone or Android device, while others like [evil], [wronged], and [slap] look pretty different than any other emojis you might have used before.

Unfortunately, you can't use the codes in the text of a video, but you can use them in any comments. Elite Daily reached out to TikTok for comment on if the app plans to add the TikTok emojis to a special keyboard or across the top bar in the comments section, like some users have suggested, but as of March 24, the company has no news to share about the emojis.

It is an extra step to have to type in the brackets and the word code of the symbol you want to use or copy and paste it into your content, but judging by some of the very cute and unique offerings out there, it's well worth the extra effort to many TikTokers.