'Star Wars' Clapped Back At Fans Hating On Rose Tico With One Epic Facebook Comment

by Ani Bundel

The reboot of Star Wars in the last few years had done many things for the fandom. But perhaps the most important is the production's on-screen commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. But not all fans are able to handle the change, and trolls have been showing up in comment sections to whine and cry. Which is why this Star Wars clapback about Rose Tico was so heartening to those who understand why representation matters. It's good to know that those who are behind the beloved franchise get it, too.

The Force Awakens shocked fans by having the "chosen one" character be a woman instead of a man. Rogue One went the next step, by having an ensemble filled with actors of many different backgrounds. But Star Wars: The Last Jedi has moved the ball forward yet again, this time with an entire plot line devoted to the adventures of two minority characters, former Stormtrooper Finn and Rose Tico, played by John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran.

Tran has become an instant fan favorite, especially for her fangirl excitement on the red carpet and her unadulterated joy at being a part of the film. She's all too aware of how rare it is to have an Asian woman cast as a hero in a film like this. Though she is American born and raised, her parents were both Vietnamese refugees who grew up in unimaginable poverty. Her story is living proof the American dream still exists in the 21st Century.

But haters gonna hate, and fanboys gonna complain and try and tear down anything that threatens their tiny little egos. Such was the case on the Star Wars Facebook page, when they posted a brand new video (which you need to watch ASAP) discussing Tran's character, Rose, their experience with casting her, and her chemistry on screen with Boyega's character Finn.

(Rose and Finn shipping: we're *all* here for it.)

But sadly, a few bad eggs had to show up and start a haterade parade.


The person running the Star Wars account was not here for this. Whoever they are, they were not here for any of this. They went off.

Here, let me pull out the image of their reply so we can all enjoy the recitation of the receipts.


And best of all, she was completely awesome while she did it.

Rose is a hero, and better yet, she's a hero to every little girl who wanted to be an engineer, or who shied away from the spotlight.

Fans don't get to see much of Rose's sister, Paige, who is the bomber flyer who successfully takes down the dreadnought at the cost of her own life. But just from Rose's way of talking about her, and their roles in the Resistance, it's pretty easy to extrapolate that Paige was the more outgoing, the more dynamic sister. She was the hotshot flier with Poe's crew, while Rose was just a nerdy gearhead who spent all day behind pipes and under hoods. She's the one who has the thankless job of making the ship go, while everyone else is taking the ship's going for granted.

Like Finn and Rey, Rose and Paige were people who came from nothing and nowhere, who the Empire and the First Order never saw as more than cogs in a machine, who were merely trying to freeload when they asked for basic human rights in their society. Taking her and elevating her to the status of heroine, and romantic foil for Finn, is a win for women like her everywhere.

So don't try and even come for Rose Tico, boys, because we all have her back. When you come at the queen, you best not miss.