A viral TikTok video revealed a 'Spy Kids' scene fans don't remember.

This Viral TikTok About 'Spy Kids' Is Messing With Everyone's Memory

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Spy Kids was an essential part of every millennial's childhood. The zany action-comedy was filled with imaginative gadgets and unforgettable special effects (I still have nightmares about those Thumb-Thumbs) — not to mention catchphrases that everyone was constantly quoting all throughout middle school, like "Oh, shiitake mushrooms." But a recent video is messing with everyone's memories about the 2001 movie. This Spy Kids TikTok about an underwater scene will make you question everything you thought you knew.

One of the memorable scenes for many Spy Kids fans comes when Carmen and Juni Cortez crash their plane outside of Floop's castle and swim inside through an underwater entrance. As most fans remember it, the scene included a quick joke in which Carmen noted the water was warmer inside the sea cave and then Juni revealed it was because he'd just peed. It may not be the most iconic moment of the movie, but it is still one that finds itself lodged in the memory of fans.

TikTok user Norah Cavallin is one of those fans who remembered that scene, but was shocked to find it had vanished from the movie upon a recent rewatch. Even weirder, Carmen and Juni had to swim through a horde of sleeping sharks to enter the castle, which was definitely not originally part of the movie... right?

Cavallin shared her confusion on TikTok, going along with a recent trend on the app in which users point out examples of the Mandela Effect, the phenomenon of large groups of people having a shared false memory.

So, what's going on here? Did everyone just happen to forget about the sleeping sharks scene in Spy Kids? No, don't worry — you're right if you remember the version in which Juni said he peed. Cavallin followed up after her first TikTok with a second post, revealing the Netflix version of the movie contains the shark scene while the version available on Apple TV has the pee scene everyone remembers.

The reason behind the difference is that the two services have two different versions Spy Kids. Netflix actually carries Spy Kids: Special Edition, which is a longer version of the theatrical release with extra scenes. TBH, I don't really understand what sleeping sharks add to the movie at all — maybe they were just supposed to enhance the general randomness even more? Whatever the case, now you'll know not to freak out next time you rewatch Spy Kids on Netflix and see a scene you don't remember at all.