An igloo in the woods at nighttime in Finland has the Northern Lights shining above.

Stay In This Snow Igloo For The Most Romantic Winter Escape With Bae

by Kristin Corpuz
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Once I discovered you can actually book a vacay in an igloo, it was instantly added to my travel bucket list. And thanks to this snow igloo on Airbnb in Finland, that dream can become a reality.

According to the Airbnb listing, every winter, the Lucky Ranch Saloon in Pelkosenniemi, Finland builds an igloo they rent out on Airbnb that provides guests with an incredibly unique (and very romantic) escape. In addition to the novelty of spending your nights in an actual igloo, the surroundings are breathtaking. On a clear night, you can potentially spot the Northern Lights from right outside your igloo, and you can take in the serene atmosphere of Lake Pyhäjärvi and Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

The igloo is complete with beds and comfy sleeping bags — but this isn't your typical camping situation by any means. The Ranch has a warm house close to the igloo, complete with toilets, a hot shower, a living room, and a kitchenette. A light breakfast is also offered in the morning. Additionally, you and your SO can visit the restaurants and supermarket at the closest ski resort, which is 10 kilometers (which is just over six miles) away.

According to the reviewers who have stayed in the igloo, the host, Antti, is there to help guests get settled in and give them recommendations on where to go to explore around the area, so you don't have to just stay in and around the ranch the entire time if you don't want to.


If you're planning on booking a getaway there, keep in mind you will literally be sleeping inside an igloo, so be sure to pack accordingly. The Airbnb provides beds and warm sleeping bags, but you should also bring your own thermal layers, socks, hats, gloves, and anything else you might need to ensure you keep warm throughout your stay. And because there's no electricity in the igloo, the listing recommends bringing a headlamp or flashlight so you can see your belongings at night. Rates for a stay in the igloo start at just $122 per person per night.

Adventurous travelers from all over the world should definitely flock to Finland and look into booking a stay at Lucky Ranch's igloo this upcoming winter. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience you'll remember forever. Just make sure that bae comes with you, because you'll need someone to snuggle up with and keep your feet warm at night.

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