Here's Why Everyone Is Relating To Ross From 'Friends' About Their 2019 Resolutions

The first episode of Friends may have premiered almost 25 years ago (wild, right?), but the quotes still remain as relatable as ever. Between Chandler's constant self depreciation, to Monica's tendency to like control over a situation, and — of course — Rachel's endearing helplessness, the six New York City-based 20-somethings managed to get themselves in the most identifiable situations imaginable. The most relatable thing you'll see to start the new year, however, is this Ross from Friends meme about Jan. 2. If you've had a rough start to 2019 thus far, you'll totally feel these Ross Gellar vibes.

There's a likely chance that you started off a little more sluggish than you may have wanted to. You may have already gone against your resolution and texted your ex. Or, maybe you said something you shouldn't have said after a few too many drinks on New Year's Eve. Regardless of what happened to you in the last two days, 2019 may have started off — well — not how you had intended it to. And, unfortunately, it seems as though Ross Gellar can relate to your utter misery.

If you ever saw Season 5, Episode 11, called "The One With All The Resolutions," the hopelessly romantic paleontologist made a resolution to do something new every single day of the new year.

One day, that new thing was donning leather pants on a date in an attempt to change up his usual wardrobe. Then, when he gets overheated from the heavy material decides to take them off in the bathroom, unfortunately, he wasn't able to get them back on. After calling up Joey and covering himself in baby powder (LOL), he still wasn't able to pull them back up, and was forced to walk home from the date without pants, and covered in baby powder. He re-enters Monica's Greenwich Village apartment to face his pals, and utters the most relatable line ever. Check out the clip, below, and make sure to fast-forward 50 seconds in.

In the clip, Ross says: "This year was supposed to be great. Well, it's only the second day and I'm a loser." Dang, that definitely hits home LOL.

Anyway, if you've gone on Twitter, you may have noticed that everybody is retweeting this on Jan. 2, aka two days into 2019, and they're making memes about it with the most hilarious captions. Check out what Twitter is saying, below — you'll probably want to retweet a few for yourself.

OMG I am honestly dying — I seriously cannot believe how incredibly relatable this line remains to be. And even though this episode aired a whopping 20 years ago (!), it still doesn't fail to make me laugh. Ross, I am definitely picking up what you are putting down at this moment in time.

Maybe it's not your day, your week, your month, or even your year. But there's no doubt in my mind that Ross' Jan. 2 was infinitely worse. Between a terrible date and ill-fitting pants, he truly managed to have the roughest year possible only two days in. Hopefully, your year will go on from this moment, and hopefully, you don't try sporting any leather pants anytime soon. That's definitely a risk I'm not willing to take.