This Singer Got A Massive Tattoo Of Harry Styles On Her Face For His Birthday, Seriously

YouTube/Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Ever heard of the singer Kelsy Karter? Well, she just did something that guarantees you will now. She literally got a tattoo of Harry Styles... on her face. Yes, you read that correctly. And the photo of Kelsy Karter's Harry Styles face tattoo is truly a sight to behold. The eighth wonder of the world. The newest addition to Ripley's Believe It Or Not. There really is no going back after seeing this sh*t. And we thought Post Malone's face tattoos were bold.

The singer got her tattoo in honor of Harry Styles' upcoming birthday on Feb. 1. She had been saying on Twitter that she was trying to think of what to get the singer for his birthday, and apparently... this was her grand idea. For context, Karter is open about her love for Styles. It's not clear if they actually know each other or if this is just a fangirl kind of obsession, but she literally has a song called "Harry" that's all about him, and now, well... you know what has happened now.

Karter's "Harry" song is all about her love for the former One Directioner. The song's cover art shows a kiwi (shouting out Styles' song "Kiwi," no doubt) next to a knife, so that's fun! Before we dive into those lyrics, however, let's look at the actual tattoo in all of its intense glory.

Voila. Face-ception.

In case anyone doubted the fact that this tattoo is, in fact, of Styles' face, the "HS" initials on the bottom right of the tattoo is there to confirm that fact.

Karter has been teasing this tattoo all month.

"Finally know what I’m getting Harry for his birthday...." she tweeted on Jan. 18.

And then, the pictures arrived.

"Mama, look what I made me do," she said in her Instagram caption and tweet debuting the tat.

Fans of Karter are a bit freaked by this move.

Someone even posted a video of the tattooing process. That ish looks painful, girl.

I guess she really doesn't want people doubting her love for Styles. Styles has yet to comment publicly on the tattoo in his honor, so let's keep our damn eyes peeled for that. Very interested in seeing the dude's reaction.

I'm also interested in learning what his reaction was when he heard Karter's "Harry," if he has heard it.

In Kelsy Karter's "Harry" lyrics, she sings,

I blacked out, passed out, first time we met / It wasn't drugs, could be love, but it's probably sex / I'm thinkin' 'bout you (Na-na-na, na-na-na, na-na-na-na) / Cool stare, greased hair curled around your eye / I wanna take a dirty picture, send it to your mind / I'm not just thinkin' 'bout you (Na-na-na, na-na-na, na-na-na-na)

Then comes the pre-chorus,

I'll treat you better than the girls you're hangin' out with / Take you to Heaven and I'll show you all around it / I'll never ever let you down / Ooh

And the chorus goes,

Harry, I'm gonna make you love me / You're gonna make me breakfast / It's a secret just between us / We can keep it low-key / I ain't bein' funny / You should be so lucky / To put your, put your velvet arms around me / Ooh, oohI'm g-g-g-g-gonna make you love me / Ooh, ooh / So put your, put your, put your arms around me

You can listen to the song below:

She seems determined to date Harry Styles. I genuinely hope she doesn't end up regretting this face tat. This situation could play out in a number of ways... color me anxious.