Prince Harry's Reaction To Seeing A Fake Foot Will Be The Next Big Meme

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Different things tend to make different people squirm, and for me, it's uncontained yogurt. I cannot stand seeing yogurt out of the container, strewn across the faces of children, overflowing onto tables, and — the worst — spilled in grocery stores; it literally makes me gag. But in the eyes of everyone's favorite royal, gore definitely pushes the limit, as shown by this photo of Prince Harry looking at a prosthetic foot. Based on his expression, he was obviously so horrified.

On Friday, March 23, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle paid a surprise visit to Northern Ireland... but trust me, it was no picnic in the park. The soon-to-be royal couple visited the Titanic Museum, as well as what's known as the ‘next generation science park’, called Catalyst Inc. It showcases everything produced by Titanic FX, a company that makes prosthetic limbs for movies, medical demonstrations, and — most importantly — Northern Ireland-based series, Game of Thrones. according to The Daily Edge. Upon visiting, they met Nuala Campbell, the founder of the company — and what she showed them was pretty jaw-dropping.

Campbell showed the royal couple several fascinating and super life-like prosthetic limbs, and while some of them merely looked dismembered, others appeared to be decaying. And although Meghan seemed more surprised than anything, Prince Harry. Looked. So. Mortified.

First, you can see Harry and Meghan looking purely taken aback by the horrific sight. Neither of them can believe their eyes, and the fact that it's fake. It's almost too much to comprehend, quite honestly.

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Next, it seems as though Harry is coming to realize just how horrifying that prosthetic foot looks. Why is it that color? Do all decaying feet look that way? It's clear that Harry is seriously struggling from the unsightly vision... while Meghan just looks a little shocked, at most.

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While conversing with Campbell, per The Daily Edge, Campbell reportedly said that it was modeled after her own foot. Prince Harry reportedly replied, "This is your foot? You might want to have that looked at.” Oh, Harry, even when you're struggling to come to terms with these fake limbs, you are downright hilarious.

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Per The Daily Edge, Harry and Meghan also took a look at a series of dismembered feet, hands and fingers made from a gelatine mixture, and there's no doubt in my mind that Harry was squirming the entire time.

Titanic FX was super happy to have the royal couple, as they posted one of the infamous reaction pics on their Instagram. They said it was an honor to show them what the company does, and what's in store for the future. The caption read:

What an absolutely outstanding day! Such an honour for our Founder and Managing Director, Nuala Campbell to be invited to showcase our products to the Royal Couple when Prince Harry and Meghan visited Catalyst Inc today on their first official visit to Northern Ireland. They got to learn all about our company, what we do and what's in the future. I think you'll agree that they were surprised by the realism of our Prosthetic Gelatin Props! Their facial expressions say it all. #harryandmeghan

So whether you're totally turned off by rogue yogurt, or if fake rotting feet just really grind your gears, being grossed out by certain things is totally understandable. And with hilariously dramatic facial expressions like those of Prince Harry, it makes for a pretty entertaining sight. The soon-to-be-wed royal couple seriously never fails to get themselves into some pretty hilarious antics, and in all honesty, I'd really love to see some Game of Thrones reaction shots from his end. Gotta get on that, Meghan.