Hopper & Eleven Had An Adorable Moment At The Golden Globes & We're Sobbing

by Ani Bundel
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It wasn't Stranger Things night at the Golden Globes. Like last year, the show was shut out during the broadcast. But it's not about winning. It's about the experience of being there, as a photo of Millie Bobby Brown and David Harbour reminded fans on Sunday night. The shot of the two of them having a real-life, daddy-daughter style moment during a commercial break hit fans where they lived.

This is the second year in a row that Stranger Things went home from the Globes empty handed. Season 1 was nominated for Best Drama and Best Actress for Winona Ryder. The series lost the former to Netflix's The Crown Season 1, and Ryder lost the latter to Claire Foy, star of The Crown. This year, it lost Best Drama to Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 and Best Supporting Actor for David Harbour to HBO's Little Big Lies.

But does that matter? No, it's the experience that matters. One can imagine that's what David Harbour's character, Chief Hopper, would tell Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven, if they were there.

It's easy to assume that must be what Harbour is telling her in real life too. Check out this great image of the two of them, taken during one of the Golden Globes' commercial breaks.

Do you suppose that Hopper will let Eleven (or should we call her Jane?) have all the same piercings next season, by the way? Because I feel like that might be another window-shaking fight.

Note that fans have started calling the pair "The Hopper Family," which really suggests we should call Eleven Jane Hopper going forward on the show. But then again, as the cast revealed on the red carpet, they haven't actually started shooting Season 3. So let's call her Eleven for now, just to keep it clear.

But then again, it's hard not to love thinking of them as the Hoppers, especially when you realize they now have matching names!

Note that this one tied it back to the #WhyWeWearBlack hashtag. One of the lines we've heard over and over, before Sunday night and again on the red carpet, is "As The Father of Daughters." Men have started saying that they need to step up and be part of the #MeToo movement to change the world because "as the father of daughters" they have someone they're trying to protect, who has made them realize just how many dangers girls face every day in the real world.

Even fans in other countries were crying over the sweet image of this particular father and daughter.

(Translation: Father and daughter! David Harbor with Millie Bobby Brown at the Golden Globes.")

To be honest, perhaps other fans needed a Chief Hopper pep talk about the value of the experience over winning after Stranger Things was shut out.

That's not a nice way to behave, Perhaps Hopper should take away TV privileges.

To be fair, the fans of Finn Wolfhard took losing on Sunday night in stride.

Chief Hopper would be very proud. And now if they need a minute to go cry in a bedroom away from the others, he'll provide that too.

Let's be real. You'd love for Chief Hopper to give Michael Scott a dose of reality. Or at least keep him waiting while he enjoys his morning of coffee and contemplation.

Let's not forget that Harbour's loss was also viewers', because we were robbed of his anti-Trumpian rants. But hey, there's always the Screen Actors' Guild Awards in a couple of weeks. Perhaps the cast of Stranger Things will do better there.

As Hopper would tell Eleven: Keep your eyes on the future. There's always the next awards show.