Liam Hemsworth Shared A Photo Of His & Miley Cyrus' Home After The Devastating Wildfires

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The California wildfires have been absolutely devastating for the people who live in the Malibu area. Many have lost their homes and even their lives to the fires and Liam Hemsworth wants to make sure everyone knows just how heartbreaking the situation is. The 28-year-old actor shares a home in Malibu with Miley Cyrus and unfortunately for the couple, it was totally destroyed in the fires. The photo of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ home will give you a glimpse at how dire the situation in California is right now.

Hemsworth posted the photo to his Instagram account on Tuesday, Nov. 13. In the photo, all you can really see are parts of the house’s frame and ash. In the foreground of the photo are the charred remnants of a sign that spelled “LOVE” and that pretty much sums up Hemsworth’s message in his Instagram post.

In the caption of the post, Hemsworth talked about how sad the situation is in Malibu and surrounding communities.

“It’s been a heartbreaking few days. This is what’s left of my house. Love. Many people in Malibu and surrounding areas in California have lost their homes also and my heart goes out to everyone who was affected by these fires,” Hemsworth wrote.

As sad as the California wildfires have been for many people, Hemsworth has faith that the community will come together to rebuild. He also thanked the local firefighters for doing such a great job during such a trying time.

“I spent the day in Malibu yesterday and it was amazing to see the community pulling together to help each other out in any way they can. Malibu is a strong community and this event is only going to make it stronger. Thankful for the all the great local guys that helped keep smaller fires out around my property. I love u guys. I love you Malibu. Thank you to all the hero firefighters around California. It’s going to be a journey to rebuild. Stay strong all. To help/donate visit @malibufoundation and @happyhippiefdn,” he continued.

Here’s a look at the photo Hemsworth posted of the home he shares with Cyrus:

The photo clearly shows the level of devastation happening in that area right now. And it’s sad to think so many people, Hemsworth and Cyrus included, have lost their homes and so much more. According to The New York Times, the death toll of the California wildfires has climbed to 42. There are also 200 people who are unaccounted for, so this is a very sad situation.

NYT also reports that this is the most destructive wildfire in California’s history, with over 125,000 acres burned and more than 7,600 structures destroyed. Many of those structures are homes. Parts of pop culture history have also been destroyed in the fires, like the Paramount Ranch which was home to the Westworld set. The National Park Service, which operates Paramount Ranch, posted the news on their Twitter account on Friday, Nov. 9.

“We are sorry to share the news that the #WoolseyFire has burned Western Town at #ParamountRanch in Agoura. We do not have any details or photos, but it is our understanding that the structures have burned. This area is an active part of the incident and we cannot access it,” the tweet said.

So, for everyone who’s affected by the wildfires, this is a very sad time. As Hemsworth said in his Instagram post, it’s going to be a long journey to rebuild everything that’s been lost.