Justin Bieber Debuted A New Face Piercing In His Latest Instagram

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Justin Bieber and Kanye West are kinda close, right? Is that why he's taking after West's daughter North and sporting some new face jewelry? North's nose ring is fake, but Bieber's barbel looks real AF. Seriously, you've got to see this photo of Justin Bieber's new eyebrow piercing. It's kind of edgy and kind of cool, in like a '90s boy band kind of way. While I doubt Bieber will be switching up genres anytime soon, his new face jewelry has got his Beliebers up in arms.

On July 23, the "I Don't Care" singer shared a photo of himself taking in some rays outside. The selfie gave his fans a nice, up close and personal look at his new eyebrow piercing and matching set of grillz. Icy. Needless to say, Beliebers were shook, but not in the best way. The comments section was seriously divided, with some fans offering some pretty harsh criticism over the new look.

"Wtf has happened to him?" asked one Belieber. "I like you but you are going worse by day," wrote another followed by, "The eyebrow ring I can't," and "He really thought he did something with that lmao."

Sheesh, tough crowd. But, some Beliebers were here for it, even finding the piercing to be a turn on, like the fan who wrote, "The eyebrow piercing, yes daddy" with three heart-eye emojis.

The piercing is clearly a questionable one among many Beliebers, but one fan seemed to have manifested the edgy adornment themself. "When I dreamed about this, furiously wrote about it in fan fictions 2011-2016, and wanted nothing more than for u to get face piercings, u ain't do it," they commented. But he did it now and all it took was five solid years of your scripting, boo. Guess it paid off.

Bieber seems to love his new eyebrow candy since he posted two (yes, two) shots of his iced-out eyebrow on the 'Gram. The second shot was posted earlier in the day and looks like it was taken in his bedroom. The selfie showcased his tattooed chest and (if you look close enough) the controversial eyebrow piercing. Seeing as it is so small, I think it might have flown under the radar for many of his fans. The comments section seemed a bit more tame as a result. Fans left multiple heart and flame emojis while his wife, Hailey Bieber, posted three drooling-face emojis. Yeah Hailey, we all know your man is fire. No need to rub it in.

This isn't the first time Bieber's body jewelry has caused a stir. In 2016, he posted another shirtless selfie (he luhhs them shirtless selfies) with what looked to be a nose stud. According to the Daily Mail, it was, in fact, a nose piercing. Fans, of course, provided their unsolicited opinions. Could that be why he doesn't wear a nose stud anymore? I guess we will never know. But, regardless of what your thoughts are on his jewelry, let's play nice guys. It's his decision to do what he wants with his body. He's not coming for you on your 'Gram, now is he?