Jessie J Nearly Licking Channing Tatum On A Date Night Is Couple Goals


Jessie J and Channing Tatum are, like, really really cute together! And, they know it. I'm pretty sure Jessie J's latest Instagram story posts were just to remind you just how cute they are, in case you forgot. She shared a few absolutely sweet photos of the pair on a date via Instagram, but one photo, in particular, caught my eye. It is the photo of Jessie J nearly licking Channing Tatum. It is epic. Her tongue is just inches away from his smiling face. I imagine they really, really enjoy each other's company, if you know what I mean. But in all seriousness, I feel like they are just so in love and enjoy having fun with one another and that's what a relationship is really all about. Sigh... goals.

In another greyscale photo shared by Jessie J, she's sweetly laying her head on Tatum's shoulder and I could die. You can like, literally see the hearts in their eyes. What a beautiful bond they must share. Jessie J even circled the photo with a red heart.

Those photos are so cute, but also so tame compared to an NSFW photo she'd taken of Tatum in the shower in May 2019. He posted the photo to his own Instagram account, explaining exactly what the reason was behind the super sultry shot.

Jessi J/Instagram
Jessi J/Instagram

"I lost a game of Jenga to Jessica Cornish. The loser (me) had to post a picture the other person (Jessica Cornish) picked... Smh and fml... I’m never playing Jenga with her ever again..." he captioned the photo.

Jessie J and Tatum were first linked in October 2018. The two were spotted out on a golf course together. A source later confirmed to People, saying: "It’s very new.”

Though, within nine months, marriage rumors began swirling, but Jessie J put those to bed earlier this month (June 2019) when she appeared on UK's Heart Breakfast with Amanda Heaton and Jamie Theakston.

"No, just because he’s Channing Tatum everyone’s kind of sped us up into this like, 'Are you getting married? Are you doing this?'" she told the hosts.

"I mean I’ve been in relationships for a lot longer than Chan and I have in the last four, five years but they’re not famous so no one really cares," she added. Good point. No need to rush just because you're both famous.

"We’re having a lovely time. And I’m very very respectful of his situation..." she explained further, most likely referring to Tatum's split from ex-wife, Jenna Dewan. The former Step Up co-stars and lovers were married for nine years. They also share a daughter, Everly, who seems to have a pretty good relationship with Jessie J.

When asked by The New York Times if it was difficult for Jessie to meet her boyfriend's daughter, The Voice UK Kids judge only had the sweetest things to say: "God no. She's just six and absolutely lovely."

That's so great to hear. Jessie J and Channing Tatum seem to be in a really good place with one another and I just wish them the best.