This Photo Of BTS, TXT, & Lee Hyun Is A BigHit Family Portrait & Adorable Prank On Jimin

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every now and then, a bunch of K-Pop groups and stars get together to bless the rest of us with an extremely concentrated dose of talent and hotness. On Saturday, April 27, Korean artist Lee Hyun posted a photo showcasing exactly that. This photo of BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun is a such a stellar family portrait that will leave you wanting so much more.

BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun are all managed by BigHit, making the photo posted by Lee Hyun a true family portrait. You probably already know BTS is a world-famous K-Pop group made up of Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin. They joined TXT, made up of Yeonjun, Soobin, Hueningkai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu, and Lee Hyun, a solo South Korean singer, for one awesome photo. In the pic, all the boys are posed sitting on a couch and the ground, and BTS is wearing the same outfit they wore to film the "Boy With Luv" music video, since the photo was taken backstage during a Music Core performance where BTS wore the same outfits to perform "Boy With Luv" as they did in the music video.

If you look closely at the photo, you'll notice that all the way in the back BTS' Jimin seems to be fully asleep while everyone else is wide awake, and honestly I don't blame him. If you're part of one of the biggest music groups in the world, it makes sense that you might need a nap every now and then, even if it's during a photo op.

Check out the pic of the sweet BigHit fam, featuring Jimin fully asleep, below.

According to a translation from Korean pop culture website Soompi, the caption of Lee Hyun's photo celebrates the fact that all the K-Pop boys were together. Huyn writes,

To do away with old regrets, I came to cheer at the Sangam MBC building for the first time in a long time. I figured, if not now, then when would we all be together again? Thank you to my dongsaengs, who welcomed this old boy.

According to Soompi, BTS replied to the tweet writing, “Our hyung is the best! Thank you, hyung." Hyung means "older brother" in Korean. and Jimin responded writing, "Hyung, why don’t I have any memory of this photo? Guys, when did you take this photo." LOL, Jimin!

TXT also responded to the photo according to Soompi, writing, "Thank you for coming to cheer for us!! The pretzels were so good haha." Honestly, a day backstage with three incredible groups of performers and food sounds like absolute perfection.

The day this photo was taken, both TXT and BTS performed on South Korean music show Music Core. BTS performed and won first place for "Boy With Luv" off their newest album Map of the Soul: Persona and TXT performed "Cat & Dog" from recently released The Dream Chapter: Star. Other performers at the April 27 episode of Music Core included TWICE, N.Flying, VERIVERY, DIA, TXT, DONGKIZ, 1THE9, BVNDIT, YONGZOO, Hash Tag, ENOi, S.I.S, Ho1iday, Newkidd, and Jo Jung Min. So much K-Pop power in one place honestly had me freaking out.

Hopefully the world will get more crossover photos and maybe even artist collabs in the near future.