Every Millennial Needs A "No Regrets" List This Summer — Here's Where You Should Begin

by Kristin Corpuz

Summer is the season to welcome exciting, new opportunities. It's a season of chapters ending and new ones beginning. It's a time when you allow yourself to get outside, breathe in the fresh air, spread your wings, and fly above the beautiful blooms. Summer is a special season when the possibilities are truly endless. If you're looking for ways to switch things up and get yourself into a new groove, this no regrets list for the summer is the perfect place to start.

Things as thrilling as skydiving and cliff jumping, as relaxing as a spa retreat, or as adventurous as a hot air balloon ride, summer 2019 is here for you to grab by the horns and guide it wherever you want it to be. Some of the things on this list might be a little outside of your comfort zone, so it's totally OK if you want to skip them. But if you're really looking forward to trying new things and making the most of this summer, you should absolutely consider giving these things a try.

I've been the person who has both stayed in with no plans for the entire season, and also gone all-out on my summer adventures. I can safely say that the latter is definitely the way to go. I hope you have the adventure of a lifetime this summer, and that you can use this list as "no regrets" inspo.

Go Skydiving
Jacque van Zyl/Stocksy

This might be the most daring thing on this list, but I firmly believe that millennials should do something that's this thrilling every once in a while. I've never been skydiving — it's on my list for this summer, too — but I've heard that it's an exhilarating feeling that can't really be described. If you're looking for a way to get out of your comfort zone this summer, skydiving is definitely a way to do it.

Go On An Impromptu Beach Trip With Your Best Buds
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Every summer deserves a really solid beach day, and it's even better if it isn't planned. If you're feeling bored one day or have an open schedule, call up your friends and see if you can get a group together to take a trip to the shore. Spontaneous trips often make the best memories, and there's no one you'd rather be surrounded by than your friends.

Head To A Summer Carnival
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You have to experience at least one summer carnival this season. Whether you go with your fam, your SO, or some friends, nothing beats winning some prizes at carnival games, riding a Ferris wheel, and eating cotton candy and funnel cakes.

Admit To Your Crush That You Like Them
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I've been dating the same person for over three years now, but our relationship started out as a summer fling, so I'm a firm believer in the power of them. If you're "single and ready to mingle," consider admitting to your crush that you like them, or open yourself up to the possibility of finding summer love.

Take A Spontaneous Road Trip With Your Bestie
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Road trips are always a good idea, and your best friend is the perfect person to take one with. If the two of you live in the same city and are looking for something fun to do for a day, you can hop in the car for a quick drive to a few towns over. It'll definitely be an adventure, and you'll have a great time exploring a new city with your BFF.

Go On A Unique Adventure, Like A Hot Air Balloon Ride
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Summer is definitely the season to try something new. Try heading on a unique adventure, like a hot air balloon ride, a moped tour, or (a safe) cliff jumping excursion. Summer adventures make some of the best stories, and you'll be sure to capture a lot of content for the 'Gram.

Take Time For Some Serious Self-Care

Throughout the rest of the year, your schedule might be too hectic to have a lot of extra time for "me time." But if you have a little more time this summer, allow yourself to indulge in some self-care.

Go on that spa retreat, do that extra face mask, and head to that guided meditation class. You'll emerge from the summer feeling so enlightened and seriously relaxed, ready to take on whatever comes next.