Sugarfina’s Nintendo-Themed Candy Includes Your Fave Super Mario Bros. Characters

by Collette Reitz
Courtesy of Sugarfina

Sugarfina stans know the candy company loves to collaborate with different brands to bring its customers new and exciting confections, but I don't know if I've ever been as pumped for one as I am about the brand's latest collab. IDK about you, but there's something about Super Mario Bros. that brings me right back to the days when I'd play the game for hours with my friends, especially when staying in the air-conditioned basement on 90-degree summer days was a must. So, the news of the Nintendo x Sugarfina candy collection is sweet (and nostalgic) music to my ears.

The brand known for its bento boxes filled with champagne and rosé gummies announced its newest gamer-inspired collection in a press release on Thursday, July 18. The best part about this new Nintendo-themed collection is that you won't have to fight over gets to play as Princess Peach. There are six Super Mario Bros.-inspired Candy Cubes in total, including three brand new limited-edition gummy candies: pineapple-flavored Mario Invincible Stars, cherry-flavored Toad Red Mushrooms, and apple-flavored Luigi Green Mushrooms. The other three sweets are Bowser Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs, Princess Peach Princess Pearls, and Goomba Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. TBH, it doesn't sound like you can go wrong with any of these sweet power-ups.

Courtesy of Sugarfina

Rosie O’Neill, co-founder and co-CEO of Sugarfina, explained in the release how excited the brand is for the collab, sharing:

I spent many Saturday mornings playing Super Mario Bros. on my classic NES – which I still have! – so this collaboration brought back tons of fun memories from childhood. We’ve always wanted to create a Candy Bento Box that plays music and this collab was the perfect opportunity to add a nostalgic touch with music from the iconic game.

As O'Neill mentioned, the 3-Piece Console Candy Bento Box — which can be filled with any three Nintendo candies of your choosing — actually plays the Super Mario game theme music. (See, this collection will *literally* be music to your ears.) You can buy it for $30 on the Sugarfina website and in stores as of Monday, July 22, per the release. For 10 bucks less, you can pick up the 2-Piece Controller Candy Bento Box that looks just like the OG controller you played with all the time as a kid. As for the single Small Candy Cubes, they will all sell for $7.50.

Courtesy of Sugarfina

Back in the '90s, we never actually had a Nintendo system to play with at home, so I was at the mercy of my very kind friends when it came time to ride on the track in Mario Kart or take on Donkey Kong. So, to say I'm very pumped to have the opportunity to bring the whole Super Mario Bros. gang home with me (in the form of tasty new candies, of course) would be an understatement.

After you order all your fave Mario characters from the new collection, you can always add in a few Sugarfina classics, like the Rosé All Day Bears or the Peach Bellini hearts covered in sweet and sour sugar crystals. Of course, the themed bites will be perfect for a friendly Mario Kart tournament, but you can never really have enough snacks for an all-day gaming sesh, right?