This New App Makes It So Easy To Hang Out With Friends IRL, So Goodbye FOMO

Courtesy of Twenty

Let's face it: Making plans is tough. You have to call up your friends, see who's around, and find a place to hang out that's convenient for everyone. Sometimes, staying home and binge-watching Netflix is a lot easier — but when you see all of your buddies out and about, the FOMO is real. Thankfully, the new Twenty app for meeting up with friends does all of the planning for you, so you won't have to stress. Not only does it show you who's around and available, but it also lets you pick a spot where you and your group can meet up. Weather you're on a college campus or in a bustling city, the app is perfect for coordinating good times.

If Twenty sounds like something you need on your phone, go ahead and download it. The app was officially announced on Tuesday, March 26, and can be used on iOS and Android devices. (It's also free, BTW.) Once you have it downloaded, you'll need to walk through a few steps before you're able to see who's around and start making plans. First, you'll have to provide Twenty with your phone number and your full name. Then, you'll need to create a username and upload a profile picture. After that, the app will ask if it can access your contacts, find your location, and send you notifications.

Once you're done setting Twenty up with your information, you'll finally be able to start adding friends and creating hangouts. Say goodbye to FOMO, y'all.

Courtesy of Twenty

When you have Twenty downloaded and ready to go, you'll be taken to a map that'll show you where your friends are. At that point, you'll be able to create a hangout. In order to do so, hit the "+" sign at the bottom of your screen and follow the prompts. The app will ask you to name your event and set a location, date, and time so that your friends know when and where to hang. You'll also be able to decide whether or not your friends can invite their friends. (The more, the merrier.)

After the hangout is set in stone, you can start inviting your buddies — and once everyone is invited, you can hit "Create Hangout." At that moment, your friends will get notifications about being invited, and they'll be able to RSVP straight through the app. Based off of a video provided by Twenty, it looks like attendees will be able to chat with one another right on the hangout page. With that being said, you won't have to text anyone individually to confirm details, because everything will be in one spot.

Courtesy of Twenty

Once your hangout is over, you can move onto the next one. By the looks of it, you can respond to more than one event and find all of them under the "Current Hangouts" section of the app.

Yup. Forget about regular calendars, because Twenty has you covered.

Courtesy of Twenty

If you're ready to start making plans with your friends via Twenty, go ahead and download the app. Again, you can use it on both iOS and Android, so don't worry about missing out on the fun.