This New Moon Cleansing Ritual Can Help You Release What No Longer Serves You

by Valerie Mesa

There's a gorgeous new moon in Virgo headed our way, stargazers. Speaking of, Virgo is the second earth sign in the zodiac, as well as a symbol of the seasonal harvest. Are you read for a fresh start? If you answered yes, then this new moon cleansing ritual is everything you need to release what no longer serves your highest purpose. Trust me, you'll want to take full advantage of the upcoming lunation, because in true Virgoan fashion, the moon is pushing us, aka the collective, to get centered and situated. This energy represents everything related to our health, mindset, and daily routine.

Remember, the new moon is a time for planting seeds and setting intentions. During the new moon phase, the moon is invisible but incredibly receptive, and full of spiritual potential. This is the birthing stage of the moon's many phases, which is precisely why it is such a favorable time to attract all sorts of abundance. So much so, that it is highly suggested to follow the moon's many phases, and energy accordingly. For instance, the new moon is a great time to invite opportunity in our lives, while the full moon is a time for manifestation.

The new moon in Virgo on Sunday, Sept. 9 will peak at exactly 2:01 p.m. ET. Below are a few tips for cleansing and clearing; however, make sure you set your intentions as close to the new moon as possible, as this only enhances the chances of manifestation. Please note: Don't be so hard on yourself in terms of timing. You want the energy to be just right, so don't force it. If you can, try to set your intentions after 2 p.m. ET this Sunday, during the new moon phase. Energy flows where intention goes. Here's an easy ritual you can follow:

Set Your Intentions

First thing's first, you want your dreams, longings, and desires to manifest themselves, right? Well, nothing is more powerful than taking some much-needed alone time to set personal goals for yourself. Writing is a powerful thing, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks so. In fact, where do you think the word "spelling" came from? Words are spells, stargazers.

Not only are you thinking about your goals, you're also writing them down, which is a symbol of materialization in itself. Now, something else that's important is the theme of this new moon. What is Virgo? What kind of Virgoan goal do you want to set for yourself? (Hint: anything and everything related to health, mindset, order, responsibility, and day-to-day routine.) You want to take full advantage of the astrological season, too.

Earthing Meditation

After you write down your goals and intentions, go somewhere quiet where you can sit with yourself and your future goals. Personally, I suggest somewhere close to nature, where you can walk barefoot on the grass, and sit with mother earth. After all, Virgo is an earth sign, and there's nothing more pure than earthing. In fact, studies show that grounding, or walking barefoot on the earth, may be extremely healing. This is a great exercise for anyone, especially those who suffer from anxiety.

Declutter Your Space

Last but certainly not least, take some time to declutter your living space, and put things in order. In fact, put it this way: what would a Virgo say about your current living situation? (No one is judging, I promise.) The whole point in decluttering your space, is so there is enough space for opportunity to come into your life. Make sense? Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a little order in your day-to-day. Getting organized isn't always fun, but it is essential to your overall health, and peace of mind.

Anything is possible, especially when the moon is involved. You can thank me later.