This Tropical Mist Flavor In Extra's Newest Gum Lineup Features Hints Of Pineapple

Courtesy of Extra Gum

There's nothing quite like popping some gum to freshen up your breath, revitalize your senses, and inject a little bit of flavor into your day. This new Extra Refreshers gum aims to do just that with both its refreshing mint and Tropical Mist flavors. If you're a fan of small, soft cubes of gum like I am, you're definitely going to want to try Extra's new Refreshers line for its flavors, shape, and texture.

Extra Refreshers gum features three sugar-free flavors including Spearmint, Polar Ice, and Tropical Mist, and it is available exclusively at Walmart for the time being, per a March 11 press release. At the end of April 2019, the Refreshers line will roll out to additional retailers. Each bottle, which is priced around $3.49, comes with 40 soft cubes of gum (the first of its kind for the brand) bursting with flavor, but if you're a big fan of Extra Refreshers you might want to grab the stand-up pouch with 120 pieces priced around $7.69.

You might be wondering what all the Extra Refreshers flavors taste like. Spearmint is pretty self-explanatory — it's a great flavor for people who love the refreshing sensation of mint and fresh, cool breath. Polar Ice is described as "an avalanche of icy flavor" on the Extra Gum website and a "sweet-mint" on the blog Gum Alert, which also describes Polar Ice as "closer to a wintermint flavor than a pepper or spearmint." Tropical Mist, my personal fave, differs a bit from both the minty flavors and packs a much fruiter punch. The sweet pineapple hits your nose as soon as you open the packaging and fruity flavors flood your mouth when you start to chew. Eventually, you can also taste subtle citrus notes for a fruitier gum experience, as compared to its minty counterparts.

Courtesy of Extra Gum

Justin Hollyn-Taub, Marketing Director for Extra, said in a press release that soft chew gum is poised to become "one of the most popular items in the confections aisle." Hollyn-Taub added that when setting out to develop this new line of Extra gum, the company "wanted to create a totally new gum experience" so it "went to work examining how to deliver a new refreshing experience for both your mouth and mind. Feedback so far has been outstanding."

If you love Extra but are not necessarily a fan of soft chew gum, don't worry because Extra's classic stick flavors aren't going anywhere. You can still enjoy flavors like Winterfresh, Smooth Mint, Classic Bubble, Sweet Watermelon, Berry Burst, and Cinnamon in classic sugar-free stick form.

Extra also announced a new product around March of last year called the Extra Chewy Mints. The Polar Ice and Peppermint-flavored mints feature an outer-shell and chewy core to "to deliver a rush of freshness," per a press release. Extra Chewy Mints are available on Amazon and at Target.

Extra's tagline, which is "long-lasting flavor," also extends to describe brand's new Refreshers line, meaning you can get the same flavorful goodness as the Extra Gum you know and love. With its new packaging, a softer texture, and a different fruity flavor in the lineup, this new gum will be a staple in your snack stash.