This New Photo Of Psalm West Smiling Will Melt Your Heart

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fam, what a blessed Wednesday it is. In a rare and very welcomed appearance, Psalm West has graced us on Kim Kardashian's 'Gram. This new closeup photo of Psalm West smiling will literally make your entire week. The fourth child of Kardashian and Kanye West just knows how to work the camera in the way only he knows how. Sigh... if I could squeeze him with a hug through my phone, I would.

In the new post, baby Psalm is a vision in grey. He's wearing a snuggly onesie and the biggest smile his 2-month-old face can probably make. Look at him. His eyes are like heart emojis. He is radiating pure joy and I'm just trying not to cry... He must be the sweetest baby and Kardashian totally knows, as she captioned the lovely photo, "I meannnnn my baby Psalm is so sweet!!!" Girl, I know. I think I'm in love.

Apparently, so are all of Kardashian's family and followers, like friend Olivia Pierson, who gushed, "SO SMOOCHABLE PSALM!"

Aunty Kourtney Kardashian also ogled over the bundle of joy, writing "Little tiny goose bunny." I don't know what exactly a "little tiny goose bunny" is, but if it looks anything like Psalm, I want one, too.

Longtime friend Khadijah Haqq McCray also showered the little one with love, commenting on his big personality, "Hi Psalm, he’s such a Lil man."

A little man, indeed. Though, his big eyes and round cheeks have many fans taking a double-take, saying he looks just like his older sister Chicago West. Supermodel Winnie Harlow wrote, "Looking Just like a tanned Chi." User @spicynai followed with, "Awwwww he looks like Chicago." He really does, though. They're both beautiful baby humans.

OMG, do you think Kardashian will upload a photo of Psalm and Chicago together? It would be cuteness overload like the last time we got a glimpse of Psalm with his older brother Saint West on June 17. It was so touching and tugged on every last one of my heartstrings.

The greyscale photo featured Kardashian holding baby Psalm while Saint cupped his baby brother's head in his hands, ever so gently. They both looked like angels. Kardashian captioned the sweet moment, "My boys." Yes Kim, our boys. OK, so not mine, but every heartfelt moment she shares with them, it's like I get to experience it, too — so there.

Her followers, like me, just couldn't get enough of the sibling bromance. Harlow, clearly a Kardashian baby fan, commented then too, writing, "Perfection," and Kardashian's old pal Jonathan Cheban wrote, "Wow. This is tooo goooood." I know, so good.

I'll also always hold onto the first full-face photo of Psalm the internet received on June 10 near and dear to my heart. He was wearing yet another cute onesie and sleeping like the heavenly angel that he is.

Goodness, I can't until we get a video? Do you think we'll get a video soon? Kim, if you're reading this can we please, please have a video soon? Signed, a Psalm West admirer.