This 'Mandalorian' Theory About The Signet Is More Important Than Fans Realize

The Mandalorian ended Season 1 with as many questions as answers. On the one hand, it gave a face to the series' villain, Moff Gideon, as well as hints that he's far eviler than a run of the mill ex-Imperial. It also gave Mando and the Child their overall mission: find Baby Yoda's home. The unlikely Odd Couple In Space is now a clan of two with a symbol to match. But this Mandalorian theory about the signet suggests this pairing may be far more critical in the grand scheme than just two lonely people finding family.

To understand why, one has to go back into the history of the Mandalorians and the Jedi. According to the "Legends" side of the Wookieepedia, the wars began thousands of years before the present era, with dates like "3976 BBY" thrown around. Without getting into the weeds, when the people of Mandalore first encountered the Jedi, the abilities of these knights terrified them. It set the planet on a crash course to develop technology (like Beskar) that could withstand Jedi attacks. It also led to the Mandalorians as the warriors they are known as today.

Despite this leap in technology, the Jedi won the war. It was an ugly victory, leaving Mandalore only inhabitable in places where biodomes were constructed. In short, the Jedi killed the Mandalorian homeworld.

Two centuries later, Tarre Vizsla became the first Force-sensitive Mandalorian to join the Jedi. But he was a rarity. The bad feelings between the Mandalorians and the Jedi have never abated. Members of House Vizsla viewed his Darksaber as a way to get revenge on the Jedi.


So what does that have to do with Mando and Baby Yoda? It means they are enemies in a 4,000-year war. That's a long time for human generations, but not for Baby Yoda's people. Yoda was 900 years old; four centuries means his great-grandfather fought in those wars. Mando going to the Yoda planet means he's going to encounter an entire people for whom this horror is recent history.

But the Armorer declared Mando and the Child a clan of two ⁠— former enemies, now family, bound together by a signet they both wear. (Baby Yoda uses it as a teething ring rather than wear it, but you get the point.) Moreover, her conversation with Mando shows she knows how radical it is to bind them. Her decision to do this could be the first step in uniting the people of Mandalore and the Jedi.

The Mandalorian's signet could be a symbol of peace between ancient enemies. It's a way forward for his chosen people, who have recently lost what was left of their home planet. Is this what the Armorer meant to start? Fans will find out when The Mandalorian Season 2 premieres in the fall of 2020.