This 'LEGO Movie 2' Christmas Short Will Get Everyone In The Holiday Spirit

by Ani Bundel
Warner Brothers

Back in November, the first trailer for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part arrived just in time for turkey. The sequel to the surprise hit film from 2014 posited things had changed since the first film. While Emmett still insisted everything was awesome, the world had turned to Apocalypseberg, and feared invasion by "Duplo Savages" from the "Sistar" system. But with the film not out until February, the film's creators thought a little holiday cheer was in order. The LEGO Movie 2 Christmas short is a bit of a remix of the original trailer, with a whole lot of holiday cheer and cameos thrown in for good measure.

The original LEGO Movie ended after the reveal the story was really about a kid who had gone down to the basement to play with his father's LEGO collection, giving them a last chance to be treated like toys before his father glued the sets together permanently. It was a genius Toy Story style twist with a moral that reminded moviegoers toys are meant to be played with.

But the happy ending of dad deciding not to glue his LEGOs together was interrupted by the invasion of "Duplos," suggesting there was a new enemy on the horizon: A small sibling looking to play.

Now the inhabitants of Bricksville live in fear. But Emmett isn't going to let this ruin Christmas.

As always, Emmett is a bundle of unbridled joy, and his girlfriend, Wyldstyle (who everyone just calls Lucy now) is taking the possible invasion of the Duplos very seriously, even if Emmett's not.

In fact, some of Lucy's scenes and dialogue seem strangely awfully familiar, as if it was lifted directly from The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part's trailer that arrived a few weeks ago.

Compare and contrast:

Apocalypseberg looks just the same, with some of the same camera shots and everything. Lucy's exposition for those who may have forgotten about the Duplo menace is exactly the same. Emmett's arrival with two coffees is the same, right on cue.

But, this being Christmas, a few changes are afoot. The Duplo star is now not a Trojan Horse to get Emmett's bleeding heart to open to the door. Instead, the Duplos look to be as thrilled at Emmett's Christmas cheer as he is. (In Emmett's defense, Batman is just as excited, even if his sweater only has an eight-pack.) The Duplo star is happy to ride on top of the Christmas tree, that can be seen from space.

Lots of companies are putting out videos just in time for the holidays, with the hope of giving viewers a smile and a reminder their brand would make an excellent present for someone this holiday season. In the case of this Christmas short, it's a cute way to release an additional trailer for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. Besides, when it comes to awesome presents to buy for a niece or nephew, one can't really go wrong with Legos. (Unless the child is under three, and then, please, go for Duplos.)

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part arrives in theaters in February of 2019.