'KUWTK' Accidentally Shaded Jordyn Woods In A New Promo

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Dang, these past few trailers for Keeping Up With the Kardashians look like they're straight out of a thriller because they just keep getting more intense as the season heads to its finale. It's all thanks to the drama that went down with Khloé Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, and Jordyn Woods in February. Reports surfaced that Thompson made a move on Woods and according to Kim K, Woods couldn't remember whether she and Thompson actually kissed or not. Yikes. The whole situation was super messy AF, and it didn't help that Khloé called out Woods on social media and then Woods told her side on Red Table Talk. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner seemingly subtly shaded her former bestie by discounting her Jordyn Woods-inspired Lip Kit. It seems that the Kardashians learned something from Kylie because the new KUWTK promo with Jordyn Woods' name misspelled is subtly shading Woods.

OK, one has to wonder: could the misspelling of Woods' name have been by accident. I mean, this is the two-part season finale, people! The episodes will finally reveal what went down all those months ago with Khloé Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, and Jordyn Woods. KUWTK fans have been looking forward to these episodes for months since they'll probably be the most revealing episodes in the show's history. Obviously, these episodes are going to be huge, so how could the KUWTK creators accidentally misspell Woods' name in the teasers? Could they really have made such a rookie mistake on such a monumental episode's promo, or were they trying to send a message to Jordyn Woods exclusively from the Kardashian family?

On Thursday, June 20, the KUWTK Instagram account shared a teaser of the season finale, but then deleted it a day later, which was totally suspicious if you ask me. The clip was really intense, since it teased the big moment the Kardashians found out about Thompson's cheating scandal. Based on the original clip, I think it was taken from the scene below.

As the Kardashians sisters talked about what went down, subtitles were shown in the teaser clip to make sure fans didn't miss a single word they said if they were watching with the sound off. And fans did not miss what the family had to say.

As Khloé spoke, the subtitles read, "Tristan and Jordan were all over each other last night." Note that "Jordan" is supposed to be "Jordyn." There are two possibilities here. Either KUWTK was sending a deliberate message that the Kardashians are done with Woods for good and they don't care whether her name is spelled right or wrong on their show and that, regardless of whether Woods was actually guilty of betraying them, the Kardashians are ready to say goodbye to Woods and they're doing it in the pettiest way possible. That, or somebody misspelled Jordyn's name in the subtitles.

The video was on the KUWTK IG account, but like I said, it was deleted a day after it was uploaded. Thankfully, I managed to find a screenshot of it.

Take a look:

KUWTK Instagram / E!

In comments of the original video, one fan wrote, "Y’all know damn well how to spell Jordyn," and another wrote, "They petty."

Maybe they deleted the clip because of the backlash? Or maybe the typo really was just a mistake? Either way, I am so excited to watch the season finale.