'This Is Us' Season 3 Spoilers About Toby & Kate Show Hard Times Are Coming For The Couple


This Is Us Season 2 couldn't just give us a happy ending for the finale, could they? When the show introduced the concept of the flash-forwards in time back during the Superbowl episode, when they revealed the foster care worker was actually Tess as an adult, fans started wondering when we would start seeing the future on a regular basis. Turns out the answer was "the finale," and that they would be used to reveal potential This Is Us Season 3 spoilers for next year. Spoiler alert: Don't keep reading if you have not watched the This Is Us Season 2 finale "The Wedding" yet.

The finale contained three looks into the future, appropriately interspersed during Randall's toast to Kate when he started talking about how we just don't know what the future will bring. Once again we saw Randall as an older man and Tess as a grown up, steeling themselves to go visit someone. We also saw a ray of hope: Kevin and Beth's cousin Zoe, in what looked to be the first healthy relationship Kevin's had since high school.

But the darkest vision was that of Kate and Toby. Currently joyous on their wedding day, the flash-forwards to the future were grim. Toby lays in bed, staring at the wall, looking as if he cannot bring himself to get out of bed. Kate comes in and tells him the doctors want to try adjusting his meds. Toby looks at her, looks back at the wall and sighs.


Could Toby be sick? Could it be his heart? Or is it as Toby's mother described earlier in the episode as she talked about the collapse of his first marriage: a depression spiral so bad that Toby spends his days unable to get out of bed.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, cleared up any confusion over what is wrong with Toby. It's a depressive episode, one so large, it's crippling. What leads to it will be revealed in Season 3.


Metz also revealed that she has no idea why Toby's estranged brother (who skipped the bachelor party a couple of episodes back) didn't find it in his heart to turn up for the wedding either.

We'll have to wait and see if there's more from Toby's parents next year in This Is Us Season 3, or if his brother will ever turn up. Until then, fans will have to wonder and worry how long Kate and Toby have together to be happy before the hard times come again.