You Need This Inflatable Pub For Hoppy Times & The Most Epic Birthday Party Yet

by Kristin Corpuz

Have you ever been to a kid's birthday party as an adult, stared at the inflatable bouncy house in the backyard, and thought, "Why don't they make one of those for adults?" I know I have more than once. Even though I haven't entirely found a solution for the bouncy house situation, I think the The Paddy Wagon inflatable pub rental is probably the next best thing. That's right: For your next birthday bash or big celebration you can turn your backyard into the traditional Irish pub of your dreams.

The Paddy Wagon Pub is a Boston-based company that offers you the opportunity to have your very own Irish pop-up pub in your yard. According to its website, you can fit up to 80 people inside the pub so you can have a giant celebration if the occasion calls for it. The experience you book with The Paddy Wagon is entirely customizable, so there's no right or wrong way to paddy in this cool inflatable.

Your dream Irish pub experience — that isn't actually in an Irish pub — is just one short click away. It'll make for a very hoppy time and the most memorable party yet.

The Paddy Wagon Pub

If you've ever been inside a traditional Irish pub, you've probably fallen in love with the welcoming aesthetic. From the brick walls, to a crackling fireplace, to the simple chandeliers, to the wooden furniture, those details are what make Irish pubs feel incredibly cozy.

Although the "burning" fireplace and lighting fixtures inside the Paddy Wagon aren't real — they're just printed onto the walls of the inflatable structure — they do a lot to make the pub feel homey. However, The Paddy Wagon actually does have a real wooden bar and giant barrels for people to set their pints down on.

According to the pub's events page on its website, you can book The Paddy Wagon in a variety of ways. If you already have your food and drink situation sorted out, you can just rent the inflatable pub. It also offers add-ons such as catering, a bar, and even entertainment ranging from a personal DJ to traditional Irish fiddle to even a four-piece band. You can also hire Irish dancers to bring your party to the next level.

And of course, what would an Irish pub in your backyard be without the opportunity to hop behind the bar and pour yourself a refreshing pint? According to its entertainment page, The Paddy Wagon's staff will teach you everything from the proper positioning of the glass, to how to get the beer to settle, and of course, you'll get to taste your handiwork afterwards. All of this honestly just sounds like too much fun, right?

The Paddy Wagon Pub

Although there aren't specific prices listed on its website, you can reach out for a quote. To inquire about booking The Paddy Wagon Pub for your next birthday party or event, head on over to its contact page, fill out the form on its events page, or email the pub at Cheers!