This Deleted Scene From 'It' Makes The Movie So Much Creepier

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There were a lot of terrifying things that happened in 2017, but when it came to the movies, nothing was more spine-tingling than the updated version of It that danced its way into theaters back in September. Stephen King's demonic classic got a whole new look, but remained just as nightmare-inducing with Bill Skarsgård stepping into Pennywise's killer clown outfit. And as if the movie wasn't horrifying enough as is, a new It deleted scene was just released that turns the creepy meter up to eleven.

The new deleted scene popped up online recently because it is included in the special features of an upcoming Blu-ray release of It, which has already come out over in Australia. Thankfully, the Aussie It fans were kind enough to share the new scene with the rest of the world while we are still waiting for the Blu-ray release.

The deleted scene is all about Henry Bowers, the sadistic school bully who tortures the Losers Club every chance he gets. You probably remember one of the most disturbing scenes from It involved Henry falling under Pennywise's spell and slitting the throat of his abusive father before heading to Pennywise's hideout to take out the Losers once and for all. Well, this new scene shows just how psychotic Henry got after Pennywise got his hooks in him, and reveals that he killed more than just his father before facing off against the Losers.

Check out the new deleted scene for yourself below:

Yep — apparently, Henry's bloodlust wasn't satiated by just killing his dad; he also slit the throats of his lackeys Victor and Belch. And to make Henry's descent into madness even more apparent, he drives around with his dead buddies in his car and talks to them. While staking out the Losers as they prepare to enter Pennywise's hideout for their final stand against the demon, Henry turns his blood-splattered face to his slaughtered friends:

Like lambs to a slaughter, wouldn't you say, fellas? Yeah, sure you would.

The short scene goes a long way in showing just how maniacally murderous Henry Bowers became after giving in to Pennywise's hypnotic powers, and it also explains why his face is drenched in blood when we see Henry again near the well entrance to Pennywise's underground hideout. This is just one of the several deleted scenes from the movie that are included on the It Blu-ray, which is being released on Jan. 9. You can preorder it on Amazon right now.

After It came out, Bill Skarsgård mentioned another deleted scene that was too disturbing to include in the movie, but it sounds like that scene won't be included on the Blu-ray release. Skarsgård said the cut scene showed Pennywise's origin story back in the 1600s, when he was a translucent "half-formed" human who let a mother live if she gave him her daughter to eat. The scene may be used in the upcoming sequel set for 2019, so do not expect to find it in the special features on the Blu-ray.

The new special features will be a great way to tide fans of the movie over until It: Chapter Two is released on Sept. 6, 2019. The sequel will take place 27 years after the events of the first movie, updating the setting from the late '80s to the present day, and aging the teenaged cast up into their 40s. The new movie will see the Losers fulfilling the promise they made to one another at the end of It to return to Derry and fend off Pennywise when he rises again in 27 years.