The Crème Shop x Sanrio Collab Brings Glowy Skin & Nostalgic Vibes, All For Less Than $10

Stephanie Montes

I grew up on Hello Kitty. I remember spending summers at my cousin Liz's house about an hour away and going through all her Sanrio merch. She and my other cousin Priscilla got matching school supplies together and even had those store punch cards (remember those?). When we could convince my aunt to drive us to the mall, I loaded up on stickers, gel pens, and mini erasers. Even now as I'm pushing 30, I still can't walk by Sanrio without at least peeking my head in. So when I heard of this Crème Shop x Sanrio Collaboration, the feelings of nostalgia were almost too much to handle.

I was invited to preview the collection in person at the Crème Shop and Sanrio launch party and even before I walked in, I could hear editor squeals in the distance. They were all gushing in excitement over the massive collection, all inspired by our childhood Sanrio characters. The 46-piece collection includes everything from sheet masks and face wipes to bath bombs and faux lashes and we got to try everything. Here is a peek at the entire collaboration — oh, and get this: every item in the collection is under $10.

Stephanie Montes

Sheet Masks

If sheet masks are your thing, cue the skincare selfies. There are seven different ones to choose from, all of which are infused with ingredients inspired by the characters on the packaging.

Stephanie Montes

Hello Kitty has three masks, one black tea and collagen, one apple essence and witch hazel, and a 24K gold and hyaluronic acid cocktail that gives you glass skin instantly. As for the other characters: My Melody's is a vanilla and sugar blend, Gudetama's is an egg whites and lemon oil mask, Keroppi's is made of rice water and green tea, while Badtzu-Maru's is infused with charcoal and black mud for clarifying.

Stephanie Montes

One of my favorites is this Shooting Star Sheet Mask. Aside from it's super pretty ombre, and cute rainbow and star illustrations, the serum is loaded with a light shimmer that gives you an instant glow and vitamin C to reduce breakouts.

Bath Bombs

There's nothing like soaking in a tub with a scented bath bomb, but these fizzy friends hide a cute surprise. Each of the five scents come with a toy stored in the center that floats up when the bath bomb has completely dissolved.

Stephanie Montes

See below for a time lapse of my Gudetama Bath Bomb in action:

Scents: Hello Kitty — Apple Pie, My Melody — Rose, Gudetama — Charcoal, Keroppi — Lemon Lime Soda Pop, Cinnamoroll — Cinnamon Roll (duh!).

Macaron Lip Balm

If you have a problem keeping track of your lip balms, you won't have to worry about losing these adorable macaron-shaped containers.

Stephanie Montes

Scents: Hello Kitty — Cool As Mint, Hello Kitty — Icing On The Cake, Hello Kitty — Berry Nice, My Melody — Strawberry Ice Cream, Gudetama — Pineapple Sherbert, Keroppi — Green Apple A Day, Cinnamoroll — Cinnamon Roll.

Handy Dandy Cream

Your hands need some love too and finally there's a hand cream that will look cute in your bag, on your nightstand, in your medicine cabinet, everywhere!

Stephanie Montes

Scents: Hello Kitty — Apply Blossom, My Melody — Strawberry Cake, Gudetama — Peach, Keroppi — Grean Tea, Chococat — Cocoa Butter.

100 Percent Hand-Crafted Lashes

No matter how much Sanrio merch you own, you're not a kawaii beauty junkie until you stock up on lashes.

Stephanie Montes

There are four different styles of the lashes: Hi Babydoll, Wispy Kitty, Au Naturel, and Magical Lashes.

Sleep Masks

Whether you're in bed, on a plane or at a sleepover, these are the cutest sleep masks to get some shut eye in.

Stephanie Montes

Comes in: Hello Kitty, My Melody, Gudetama, Keroppi, and Chococat.


I'm obsessed with these headbands — I wear them when I'm doing my makeup, masking and to bed.

Stephanie Montes

Comes in: Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty Unicorn, My Melody, Gudetama, Keroppi, and Chococat.

Face Wipes

I keep face wipes everywhere for cleansing on the go. Throw them in your gym bag, carry-on, keep them on your nightstand, anywhere.

Stephanie Montes

Ingredients: Hello Kitty — Vitamin C, Hello Kitty — Micellar Water, My Melody — Witch Hazel, Gudetama — Lemon, Keroppi — Green Tea, Badtz-Maru — Charcoal, Chococat — Lavender Oil.

As you can see, pretty much everything in the collab is adorable AF. Happy 'gramming!