Wonho Posted 5 Thirst Traps On Instagram & Fans Are Not OK


Somebody needs to check if Wonho's fans are OK because his latest Instagram is a total thirst trap. The 27-year-old singer posted a series of photos showing off his chiseled body while sitting in bed shirtless with a blanket covering his bottom half. They're steamy AF, to say the least. These tweets about Wonho's shirtless selfies show fans weren't prepared for all the sexiness.

Fans don't know how to act because Wonho hasn't revealed this much of his muscles in a long time. Usually, whenever he goes to the gym, he posts selfies showing off his arms on Instagram, and sometimes, he even gives fans a glimpse of his torso, like on Dec. 27, when he shared a shirtless photoshoot of himself lying down on the floor wearing nothing but leather pants and a few accessories.

Fans were overwhelmed, to say the least. Little did they know Wonho was going to give them another thirst trap on Tuesday, Jan. 26. This time, the star posted five selfies — three in black and white and two in color — of him in bed shirtless. "Good morning wenee," Wonho wrote, addressing his fans. "Which one do you like better? 1,2,3,4,5."

Obviously, fans couldn't choose because they were all equally perfect. In fact, fans loved his selfies so much, they got Wonho trending worldwide. "Wonho LITERALLY woke up and decided to choose violence," one fan wrote, which basically summarized the whole situation.

"Wonho disappears for days, comes back snd [sic] causes chaos knowing we missed him and he starts trending worldwide ...he cannot be stopped," another tweeted.

One fan used a Lady Gaga tweet to explain their feelings.

And this fan reacted using a SpongeBob meme.

Take a look at more fan reactions below.

Fans are loving all the content from Wonho lately, and they're hoping this means he'll make another comeback soon. The last time he dropped new music was in September 2020 with the release of his debut solo EP Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me.

If fans got Wonho trending because of a few selfies, his next comeback is sure to make a splash online!