These Tweets About Washing Your Hair At Your Parents' House Are Sadly Relatable AF

by Kim Carpluk
Scent Killer

Going home for the holidays is always...interesting. Yes, you can eat all the meals that put Seamless to shame, but you also must travel back to the time capsule know as your parents' home. If this sounds familiar, then these tweets about washing your hair at your parent's house will have you screaming, "Me AF." We're past the days of two-in-one shampoo, Dad. Don't you understand?

When I was growing up, I (obviously) didn't buy my own shampoo. I semi-remember using that vaguely fish-shaped shampoo that promised to be eye safe even though it stung like hell when you accidentally got it in your eyes, the L'Oréal Kids Extra Gentle 2-in-1 Shampoo ($4;, which is still somehow available for purchase nearly a decade later. As I grew up, I believe my parents switched me over to Pantene, which was better, but still not the perfect match for my thin, frizzy, and color-damaged locks. In college, I learned many things: one of the most important being investing in high quality hair care was necessary to maintain my difficult mane.

When I go back to my parents' respective houses now, my hair is always reminded of past mistakes. Really Dad, dollar store shampoo? Are you trying to kill me from frizziness syndrome?

Well one Twitter user (who also happens to be People's Style & Beauty Director) decided to bring us all together to commiserate about our parents' collective poor shampooing choices in a viral thread now referred to as, "when you have to wash your hair with whatever your parents have in the house."

The responses were poppin' with people who were also forced to sacrifice luxuriously shiny hair in order to celebrate the holidays with their families.

Sandra Di didn't know that Salon Selectives were still a thing, and TBH neither did I.

Touché, Geonn Cannon, touché. My babushka (aka grandma) still has soaps in her cabinet from 1953, so I feel ya.

Dad! From 1999? Really? How often do you have guests over? Just please don't actually put it on your head, Nicole Plegge. I'm afraid all you hair will just spontaneously combust.

Costco bottles for the win, TBH. Salon-sized bottles at affordable prices. Very glam.

Have two-in-one's ever worked for anyone? I'm asking seriously, for scientific beauty purposes.

Bless you, I guess, for being brave enough to use Scent Killer as your shampoo. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Costco for the win, once again. Man, I miss Costco.

Dial soap? On your hair? Smart girl for not stooping to such levels. I can only begin to imagine the copious amounts of detangler you'd need after that wash.

It looks pretty cute, though. Your parents supported indie beauty brands before it was cool.

You know what? Worse things have happened. At least your hair will probably feel thick AF after.

Ah, of course. The wondrous Pert Plus. It was bound to make an appearance on this thread at some point.

TBH your family hooked it up! Get ready for an at-home salon-quality experience! I'm kind of jealous.

At least your hair will be clean enough to eat off of.

Some Twitter users that just couldn't comprehend why we're all having this problem.

Ya know what, Norma. You're just smarter than the rest of us, Norma. We all need to be more like Norma.

Of course, more Twitter users came out of the wood work to remind us that we can just go to our local hometown Walmart and fix our problems ourselves.

I do care, not by choice, but by genetics. I wish I could use any old shampoo, but unfortunately my hair is just too unruly for anything but my Alterna Shampoo and Bed Conditioner. So I will get my overstuffed holiday self off the couch and go pick up the necessities that will keep me looking like a human being, thank you very much.