Tyler Cameron and Matt James in The Bachelor.

Yep, 'Bachelor' Twitter Is Still Thirsty AF For Tyler C.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Unlike most series leads, Matt James never appeared on the Bachelor franchise before starring in his own season. Instead, many fans first came to know and love him through his friendship with Tyler Cameron. The fan-favorite from Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season was absent from the first weeks of Matt's journey to find love, but the friends finally caught up during Week 6, and the tweets about Tyler Cameron on Matt James' Bachelor episode make it clear fans are *very* pleased with this bro reunion.

After enduring plenty of drama during his journey to find love, Matt seemed pretty thrilled to spend time with his bestie. At the start of their hangout, Tyler gave some solid advice based on his time on Hannah's season: Don't count out a slow-burn connection. As he pointed out, although he was Hannah's runner-up, their relationship didn't really pick up steam until later in the season. "I'd rather you give it your all ... so you can walk away from this not having any regrets," Tyler added. When Matt told his friend he could see himself proposing at the end of the season, Tyler joked, "My buddy's boo'd up!"

Fans thirsting after Tyler were also treated to a shirtless scene during Katie and Matt's 1-on-1, in which they played a trick on Tyler as he got a massage. The hijinks ended with Matt himself taking over his friend's back rub, before bursting out laughing when it was time to lather him down with lotion. It was a nice, lighthearted break from all the intensity of this season, and fans promptly took to Twitter to gush about Tyler's return to their screens.

As great as it was to see Tyler having some fun, it seems like he might get entangled in the Bachelor drama in a big way. During a Feb. 3 interview on the podcast Chicks in the Office, Matt revealed, "Tyler falls for someone on the show." And, according to Matt, "It's not who you think."

Does this mean Tyler is going to end up with a woman from Matt's season? Or was that comment just a weird joke that shouldn't be taken too serious? Hopefully, the rest of Matt's season reveals some answers.

Season 25 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Feb. 15, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.