It’s Actually Snowing In Florida & Twitter Seriously Can’t Handle It

by Chelsea Stewart

Every year, throughout the winter months, we can usually expect to endure zero degree weather, continuous snowfall and long, cold nights — at least in Northern states, that is. Usually, us lucky Southerners get a pass, but this year, winter had a different idea for some of the warmest states and brought its worst conditions to the sunshine state of Florida, and we are totally freaking out. Seriously, just scrolling through these tweets about the snow in Florida will crack you up, and sum up the feelings of all of us suffering through this catastrophic event.

There's supposedly some kind of "bomb cyclone" that's expected to blast the East Coast, bringing wind, rain, hail, snow and all kinds of other harsh conditions to multiple states, beginning in Florida. In a nutshell, it's a winter hurricane that has residents of many Southern states, like me, totally freaking out.

If you talk to any Southerner, we will gladly tell you that we have no desire to live in a place where the weather drops under 60 degrees. For pete's sake, we barely own coats! We relish in the luxury of being able to wear shorts, tank tops and flip-flops year-round, so you can only imagine how we felt when we got word of the harsh weather conditions that were coming our way.

After I got the weather alert on my phone last night, Jan. 2, I followed the typical procedure of running my water so my pipes wouldn't burst, but I really didn't think anything of it — until this morning. Honestly, when I woke up and saw snow outside of my window, like many others, I immediately decided my day was already over, and have been curled up in my house, moaning and complaining ever since.

If you’re looking for some funny tweets to show how miserable (or spoiled) we actually are during this profound experience, these tweets will make you die of laughter.

I told you: this is how extreme we are. Tallahassee, FL closed all of their schools over ONE inch of snow, citing the reason as a "winter storm" bearing down on the Southeast.

But I'm not complaining a bit.

Others shared just how much they were freaking out after witnessing the onset of the storm.

This was totally me this morning. I scrambled into my kitchen to warm up some hot chocolate, threw on my thickest sweatpants and sweatshirt, and have been MIA ever since.

One user joked that someone had "pissed off" Elsa from the critically-acclaimed, animated film Frozen.

But seriously, Elsa, I don't want to build a snowman. Take this weather with you; please and thank you.

Some had disastrous predictions what the storm might bring.

While another user clearly didn't know how depressing snow actually is and was confusingly excited.

TBH, I've never felt excited for winter. I used to live in Wisconsin where the temperatures regularly dropped below zero, and was subjected to feet of snow every winter that would blockade me and my family in our house for days. And if you could get outside, you could literally bet on having frostbite if you stayed out too long.

That being said, I don't think @opaldrite got the memo.

Another user just couldn't fathom snow actually being in Florida at all.

He felt snow being in Florida was such an impossibility that he suggested Big Foot would be the next myth to come true.

But dear Luke Weaver, I really don't need that imagery in my head. The snow is already too much.

@TheLionThing definitely hit the nail on the head.

So, the takeaway here? If you're in a state that is going to be affected by the so-called bomb cyclone and have actually never witnessed snow — do yourself a favor and stay in. And turn up your thermostat!