These tweets about the ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’ CGI movie are wild

Clifford The Big Red Dog Got The CGI Treatment For A New Movie & Twitter’s Having A Meltdown

by Daffany Chan

Paramount Pictures dropped a teaser for the new Clifford the Big Red Dog movie, and it's getting plenty of buzz on the internet. The preview of the film, which features a CGI version of Clifford, is sparking mixed reactions from fans. Check out these tweets about the Clifford the Big Red Dog CGI movie, because they are truly all over social media.

Everyone was surprised when the unexpected new Clifford the Big Red Dog movie trailer dropped just ahead of Thanksgiving on Wednesday, Nov. 25. The promo features a line-up of CGI dogs, with Clifford towering over them. According to the synopsis, the movie will feature the adventures of middle-schooler Emily Elizabeth and her new ten-foot-tall dog, Clifford, in New York. "Clifford will teach the world how to love big!" the summary details.

Since the new movie is based on the classic Scholastic book character, plenty of fans have been comparing the appearance of CGI Clifford to his original look. Many people are shocked at the CGI rendition, and are sharing their criticisms on the internet, including that Clifford isn't red enough, that he looks too similar to a real hound, and that he simply doesn't resemble the OG pooch everyone knows and loves. Here are some of the top comments circulating Twitter about the live-action film.

Plenty of Twitter users are terrified by the new Clifford, with user @extraanoying calling him a "straight up nightmare."

The new Clifford is looking a little too realistic for comfort.

Fans drew comparisons of the classic dog character to the new live action version.

There were also fans who felt split about the whole situation.

Clifford may be enormous, but he still looks just like a puppy.

Some want Clifford to be even bigger.

People decided to take the upcoming rendition of Clifford into their own hands by adjusting his red hue.

Though it's clear that the Twitterverse is having a meltdown over the first look at the red hound, fans will have to wait until the film's release next year to see how CGI Clifford really measures up.