This Is The Hottest (Read: Funniest) Look At The Emmys, According To Twitter

Courtesy of ABC

There was no doubt the 2020 Emmy Awards were going to look a lot different due to the coronavirus pandemic. While there was no in-studio audience, some of the nominees gathered with caution alongside their castmates at home, like the actors on Schitt's Creek. When the first award of the night was given out, viewers at home got a glimpse of the Emmys hazmat suits, and Twitter went wild over the genius (and hilarious) idea. These tweets about the 2020 Emmys hazmat suits show how they absolutely stole the show.

The talent being honored at the award show obviously deserved to be presented with their their coveted Emmy statue in person, but health and safety was the number one priority of the night. In order to make both things possible, Emmys costume designer Katja Cahill and the show's executive producer, Guy Carrington, "worked with a hazmat manufacturer" to create the now-trending designer suits, according to a press release from ABC.

Having the people giving out awards wear hazmat suits was obviously in everyone's best interest due to the ongoing global pandemic, but viewers at home couldn't help but giggle at how comical they looked at the normally prestigious red carpet event. Some fans pointed out how the hazmat suits were the perfect fashion choice to reflect the year 2020, while others couldn't help but notice that these would make for a very interesting Halloween costume.

All in all, let's just say there was no shortage of appreciation for the hazmat suits from the people on Twitter.

The year 2020 has brought a lot of new and unexpected fashion trends, like the all-important face mask, and now the Emmys hazmat suit has officially been put on the map. Major props to the Emmys for being able to pull off a live show while keeping the health and safety protocols the main focus.