Sandra Oh Was Snubbed At The Emmy Awards & Twitter Is NOT Here For It

by Ani Bundel
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Emmy Awards had history handed to them on a silver platter. Killing Eve's rip-roaring success this past spring, starring Sandra Oh as the titular Eve, handed Oh a historic moment as the first Asian woman to ever be nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama in the show's 70-year history. But they couldn't manage to find it in them to vote for her to win. These tweets about Sandra Oh's Emmy Awards snub prove that the audience at home was not OK with this outcome.

To be fair, this was a category that was stacked. Evan Rachel Wood of Westworld was nominated, as well as Tatiana Maslany for the final series of Orphan Black, and last year's winner Elisabeth Moss of The Handmaid’s Tale. But the real competition was Keri Russell of The Americans and Claire Foy of The Crown. The former show just finished a spectacular run over on FX and received more than one swan song win in other categories. As for Foy, The Crown's bold decision to re-cast the entire show every two years mean this was the Academy's last chance to reward her for her performance as Queen Elizabeth II after overlooking her last year.

Apparently, the latter was too much for Oh to overcome, and Foy took home the statue.

Still, Twitter recognized this should have been Oh's night.

Most were just heartbroken by the way things played out.

Sometimes injustice is too much.

Immediately, people were calling for justice for these wrongs. It might not have been a #JusticeForBarb level hashtag, but give it time.

At least they were calling for justice when they weren't drunkenly kicking the furniture and knocking all their possessions to the floor in a rage.

The reward for the most bitter tweet, though, goes to this one. I mean: Ouch. Seriously.

At least others attempted to be funny in their anguish with awesome memes.

Well, most of them. Some were just too angry to be creative. Who can blame them?

Others went straight to grief.

Some would have canceled the Emmy Awards right then and there for making this terrible decision.

Others recognized that it was what was in their hearts that mattered. Even if Sandra didn't win on stage, she's Outstanding Lead Actress to everyone who watched Killing Eve and loved every minute of it.

And for one, it was a personal attack. Like an "I'm sorry I came back to Twitter, now I'm leaving again forever"-level personal attack.

But most fans just tweeted exactly what everyone was thinking.

All that being said, some recognized that no matter what happened tonight someone really deserving was going to be left off the winner's podium.

This category, as I noted earlier, was simply stacked with talent.

But frankly, it's the Academy who probably should be worried.

Killing Eve, by the way, is on Hulu, and you should watch it.