The cast of Little Women

These Tweets About 'Little Women' Are As Heartwarming As The March Sisters

by Ani Bundel
Sony Pictures

Little Women is a story that's been passed from generation to generation. It's also one that's been adapted for screens multiple times, with a new version arriving every 20 years or so, so a new crop of teens and 20-somethings can fall in love all over again. The last film was in 1994, so it was high time for the first big-screen adaptation of the 21st century to arrive. And from the looks of it, these tweets about Little Women are proof that fans were more than ready for it.

Most versions of the story that make it to the screen tend to focus on one sister above all others. The 1933 adaptation, for example, starred Katharine Hepburn as would-be writer Jo. The 1949 big-screen version that followed cast Elizabeth Taylor as youngest sister Amy, making her more of the central role. The beloved 1994 release, the first to be directed by a woman, split the difference with Winona Ryder and Kirsten Dunst as Jo and Amy, respectively, treating them as co-equal stars.

But Greta Gerwig's new version does something radical: It casts big names for all four sisters. Harry Potter's Emma Watson is oldest Meg, Lady Bird's Saoirse Ronan plays Jo, Sharp Objects' Eliza Scanlen is Beth, and Midsommer's Florence Pugh plays Amy.

The result is a version of the film critics are calling an instant classic, and fans are flocking to the theater in response.

Christmas was already stuffed to the gills this year with big movies. From the final Star Wars installment in the Skywalker Saga to the Cats musical, this week was shaping up to be a box office brawl. But Star Wars wound up mired in controversy and so-so reviews. (Rotten Tomatoes currently has it at a 55% splat.) And the less said about Cats, the better. (18% splat, y'all. Me-owch.)

With such disappointments, Little Women's high ratings with critics and viewers alike is a breath of fresh air just in time for the holiday.

For fans who have been anticipating going to see the new version with family and friends, Dec. 25 was pretty much celebrated as "Little Women Day" as much as it was Christmas.

Fans are tweeting they are overjoyed with the film. Some even called out awards voters for not nominating Little Women for Best Picture or Greta Gerwig for Best Director. However, many are just happy to enjoy the gift that is this film.

Little Women is out now in theaters.