Little Monsters' Reactions To Lady Gaga's New 'Chromatica' Oreos Are Hilarious

Kevin Winter/MTV VMAs 2020/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We had Post Malone's Crocs, Travis Scott's McDonald's burger, and now we have Lady Gaga's Chromatica Oreos. Offbeat brand collaborations are a dime a dozen in the music industry these days, so it's not surprising that one of the world's biggest pop stars teamed up with the beloved sandwich cookie brand to extend the promotion of her latest album. Let's just hope the cookies taste as good as they look.

Lady Gaga announced her partnership with the Nabisco product on Dec. 2 to the delight — and good-natured chuckles — of her many Little Monsters around the world. The snack, inspired by the Chromatica universe, is a light pink cookie stuffed with green cream filling and the same flavoring as vanilla Oreos. It looks delicious, and the imprints on each side of the cookie are futuristic nods to her summer dance album.

While Gaga fans were excited for the new collaboration, they also meme-ified it to high heaven; if your stans can't tease you, who can? Regardless, the cookie is already in high demand before its release in stores (it's due to hit shelves in 2021, FYI). Rapper Kid Cudi even wanted to try a few! He tweeted his followers almost immediately after Gaga's announcement, asking where he could acquire a few packages of the sweet treat.

So, will Chromatica Oreos become the new Avocado Toast for celebs looking to be seen munching on the hottest new food in Hollywood? One can only hope, but until Oreo officially launches the product to the general public, we'll have to just enjoy some of the light-hearted memes and jokes about the viral brand deal.

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