You Have To See This 6-Foot-Tall Australian Cow That Twitter Cannot Get Enough Of

If you bother trying to keep up with the news on any level, you're probably well-aware that staying informed can be — well — a little disheartening. Between aggressive economic decline, environmental deterioration, and international warfare, our beloved planet earth really seems to be facing some inevitable turmoil. On the bright side, though, Twitter recently discovered a gigantic cow living in Australia who escaped the slaughterhouse simply by being large. So, if you haven't already seen these tweets about Knickers, Australia's 6-foot-tall cow, will most definitely brighten your day.

Knickers the cow, (er, the steer, I suppose), hails from the land down under, according to The Guardian, and let me tell you — he is a big. Freaking. Deal. At 6 feet, 4 inches tall and a whopping 1,400 kilograms (which is equivalent to approximately 3,086 pounds), he's believed to be the largest steer in all of Australia. While Knickers' fame simply stems from being endearingly enormous, however, he also has a heartwarming backstory — Knickers was supposed to go to the slaughterhouse, but he was deemed "too big" for it. So, Knickers spends his time leading the other cows on the farm. Take a look at him in the photo, below.

Holy cow! Knickers is totally and udderly huge, am I right? (LOL).

As you'd imagine, Twitter is getting a huge kick out of Knickers. People are posting pictures, creating presidential campaigns, and even praising him in all his stately steer glory. Knickers is famous and TBH, I love it. He deserves all the love in the world.

Others in the vast, wild world of Twitter can't help but make jokes about Knickers, and honestly, I can't blame them. A massive cow provides for some Grade A comedic material, and if you don't think that's hilarious, I don't think we can be friends. Sorry, not sorry.

If you aren't quite able to wrap your head around how big a deal Knickers is, Chrissy Teigen even tweeted about him. Chrissy. Freaking. Teigen. I can't believe it.

Dang, that cow is more famous than I'll ever be. At this point, he could probably even star in a moo-vie (I truly do crack myself up).

Anyway, according to The Guardian, Geoff Pearson, Knickers’ lucky AF owner, wasn't ready for this at all. Apparently, he's totally baffled by the amount of attention Knickers has received over the last couple of days.

In a phone interview, Pearson told The Guardian:

It’s out of control... I didn’t expect it to go as far as it has. I’ve been called every 10 minutes since four o’clock this morning.

OK, OK, I guess I feel a little bad about Pearson's late night phone and his farm's sudden fame. But TBH, the world can't help but adore this gigantic cow. Amidst a helluva lot of worldwide drama, Knickers is the hero that everybody needs right about now. He's quite large, apparently he's in charge, and he's basically taking over my entire Twitter feed. And I don't know about you, but I, personally, am not mad about it.