Twitter Can't Get Over Kesha's Gorgeous Freckles In Her No-Makeup Selfie

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for dcp/Twitter

Um, we need to talk about Kesha's freckles. The singer posted a selfie to Twitter on Jan. 15 detailing her New Year's resolutions, and Kesha's makeup-free selfie is getting a lot of love from fans because the freckle game is just so damn strong. Seriously, the tweets about Kesha's freckles selfie are so positive and supportive. I have freckles everywhere, so I feel very seen by this. Yes, Kesha! Yes, freckles! We are loving ourselves in 2019, my friends.

Kesha posted the selfie to her Twitter account on Tuesday, Jan. 15 saying, "This year my resolution is to love myself... just as I am, all f*cked up and imperfect and whatever else. And to let my freckles liiiiiiiive." And honeys, letting them live, she is! And it's prompting fans of the singer who also sport a bunch of freckles on their face to respond to her makeup-free selfie with some makeup-free selfies of their own.

But they're not only responding with makeup-free, freckled selfies — they're also sharing stories about being teased about their freckles when they were younger. For some reason, freckles have had a bad rap in the past for being an "undesirable" feature. But now, they're so popular and seen as a beautiful feature (which they always have been, thank you v much), drawing on fake freckles as part of a makeup routine has become a beauty trend.

Kesha clearly won't be shopping for those products.

We stan a freckled queen!!

Freckled fans on Twitter are happy she posted the selfie and let her freckles liveeee. The tweet has over 105k likes and over 400k likes on Instagram.

Freckles are gorgeous, OK?!

Lots of fans tweeted at Kesha's freckled selfie telling stories about how they were bullied over their natural skin when they were younger, resulting in them still feeling self-conscious about them now.

"YAAAS KESHA!" one fan said. "I am so self-conscious about my full face of freckles, especially in the summer. People have told me they are ugly, or are freaked out by them. Probably because they are NEVER shown in media, they’re either covered up with make up or photoshopped out."

"You can't see my freckly face at the moment due to filters, lighting plus, they hibernate for winter," the Twitter user's follow-up tweet said. "This is from Pride back in summer when my freckles were a POPPIN'. I usually dread summer, but you know what I'm going to take a leaf out of @KeshaRose 's book & OWN IT!!" Yassss, girl. Own that sh*t!!

Another Twitter user said she wishes she had more examples like Kesha of people being prideful of their freckles when she was younger.

"I've as many/more freckles as you! I was so embarrased [sic] as a little girl," the tweet said. "My daddy said some day they'll blend into the perfect tan :( I just think how different it would be for us if one of our idols would have gone natural! How many 'imperfections' would've made us feel perfect."

Listen, y'all. Freckles are amazing. They always have been. Let's be like Kesha and rock them unapologetically, please and thank you!