People On Twitter Are Absolutely Torn Over How Many Towels A Couple Should Have & LOL

Have you ever wondered how many towels you and your partner should have? Well, even if you haven't, these tweets about how many towels couples should have prove that other people have been thinking about it a lot. Twitter has all but erupted over a debate about what constitutes as the perfect number of towels for a family to have. Like, I have two towels, my roommate has two towels, we have a couple of beach towels, about eight hand towels, and two bath mats. I didn't realize until just now that this might be the most scandalous thing about me. No, seriously, these people on Twitter take their opinions on the whole towel number debate very seriously.

So, how did all of this madness begin? Well, a guy who somehow managed to snag the username @Advil turned to Twitter for what I would have assumed was a pretty innocuous question. Little did he know, his innocent little question would turn out to be one of the most divisive scandals to hit the internet since the 2016 election. Just kidding, but, like, not really. It's a seriously puzzling question, people! Are two enough? Three? What if you have guests?

First, this guy came in strong with a count of exactly how many towels every couple should own at the very least.
yashar on Twitter

I am just truly perplexed as to how or why any couple would need more than 10 bath towels for the two of them but, hey, to each their own!

This woman also has some strong opinions.
lizzieohreally on Twitter

But, of course, they're completely different from the above guy's opinions because nobody can agree in this extremely intense debate.

And people aren't afraid to call people out for bad hygiene. Things are getting super heated.
calvinstowell on Twitter

Maybe he does a lot of laundry, Calvin! Sheesh.

OK, this guy is on another level.
jasonms316 on Twitter

I didn't want to have an opinion but, come on... a new towel every time?! That's just madness.

Things are getting so heated that people are only privately supporting their friends.
yashar on Twitter

This debate is so intense that people are legit afraid to publicly get involved... in the debate over towels. Towels!!!

People are turning it into a larger class issue.
tragedythyme on Twitter

Shoot, is my minimal amount of towels a sign that my bank account is lower than "average"? Whatever shall I do?!

Having a son really mixes up the towel formula.
redpainter1 on Twitter

I agree with this lady. Don't go overkill on the towels! What ever happened to less is more?

This woman lives alone and may possibly be the most extra person alive. Mad respect.
nyornothing on Twitter

All I have to say is: 50 washcloths. This woman has 50 washcloths because she's too good for sponges. Respect. Mad Respect.

This guy keeps it simple with two bath towels per person.
chx on Twitter

Same page, dude. Same page.

This guy understands that there's really only one objective answer here.
larrybird33 on Twitter

C'mon, Abdul! Just give your girlfriend what she wants!

Ah, how could we not take into account long hair?!
nanbanjim on Twitter

I will admit that I have longer hair and having just two towels does get a little bit difficult, especially on laundry days. I'd prefer four bath towels if I was really treating myself.

People also take guest towels very seriously.
miamariemacy on Twitter

I'm just dying to know how you differentiate between a regular "guest" and a "fancy guest."

And dogs!! Dogs throw a whole other twist into the mix.
trisweb on Twitter

And, apparently, they're allowed to have up to six times as many towels as their people.

Oh, and here's a hot towel cleaning tip.
danerdytruckah on Twitter

So that is why my towels haven't been absorbing as well. Mystery solved!

You can never have too many kitchen towels, as far as this lady is concerned.
zoe_samuel on Twitter

I mean, I'm more of a paper towel person so I guess I'm sort of biased. But I guess I don't see any harm in having an infinite supply of kitchen towels.

Of course, there's really only one takeaway here: There is no right amount of towels for a couple to have. Want a million towels? Buy a million towels! Want one towel that you have to launder extremely regularly? Probably not the most environmentally sound decision but, hey, it's your prerogative. The way I see it, there will be plenty of places we should go to college, plenty of people we should date, plenty of places we should live, plenty of cars we should drive and plenty of jobs we should have. Our life is a never-ending stream of shoulds.

Let's let towels be the one thing that should doesn't apply to.