Harry Styles' Fans Have Mixed Feelings About His Brand New Mustache


Harry Styles is no stranger to turning heads. From his time in One Direction to becoming a solo artist, Styles has been making fashion statements for years. And when the singer makes a statement, he really makes a statement: like debuting his not-so-subtle facial hair in July 2020. The tweets about Harry Styles' mustache has Stylers feeling conflicted.

While people all over the world are still adjusting to the new normal due to the coronavirus crisis — many still quarantined at home for safety — Styles gifted fans with a rare public appearance in Italy. Sure, almost no one saw him in real life, but the photos of Styles visiting famous chef Massimo Bottura quickly made the rounds on social media and his mustache was front and center in the snaps.

Styles posed with Bottura in some photos, and in others he held up a bottle of Bottura's balsamic vinegar and the chef's book Bread Is Gold. While Styles' outfit was pretty basic (just a striped white and green t-shirt paired with jeans and some '70s type sunglasses), his facial hair stole the show.

Some fans raved about Styles' new look, while others are begging the singer to razor the 'stache off ASAP.

Whether you're a fan of the mustache or not, Styles seems to truly be living his best life in Italy, and that's all that matters.