GOT7's "Encore" music video has inspired fans to tweet their love.

GOT7's "Encore" Music Video Is A Love Letter To Their Fans & It's Getting Tons Of Praise

It's the beginning of a new era for GOT7. After debuting under JYP Entertainment in 2014 and becoming one of the biggest K-pop acts, the group announced that they were parting ways with the label after their contract expired in January 2021. Now, the seven-member band has released their first single since the big change. These tweets about GOT7's new "Encore" music video are a testament to how much fans love the emotional new song and intimate video.

On Saturday, Feb. 20, the group debuted their new track via their new label, Warner Music Korea. "Encore" was accompanied by a music video showcasing behind-the-scenes footage of the bandmates hanging out and crafting the song in the studio. The video also features concert footage from GOT7's previous tours.

The group even gives a direct shout-out to fans thanking them for their long-term support and introducing the brand-new track they'd previously teased to fans. “More than anything else, we wanted to express our feelings like this, through this song,” Yugyeom told the camera, while Jay B added: "We made a promise with our fans, so we're here to keep that promise."

And GOT7 made one thing clear: They intend for their bonds with listeners to grow even stronger. “Since we will always continue to sing the encore for you, let’s always be together, everyone," Youngjae noted in the video.

That's especially clear in the new single's chorus, in which the group pledges, "We will sing for you/ Even after a long time time passes" and "for the rest of the days too." The song is already making waves online, and after "Encore's" release, GOT7 fans quickly flocked to Twitter to express their love and support for the band.

Leaving JYP Entertainment and releasing "Encore" seem to be just the start of GOT7's exciting 2021 plans. Many of the individual members are hard at work on their own projects, as well. Jinyoung was recently cast in the new tvN drama Devil Judge, while Mark released his solo single, "One In A Million," on Feb. 15. But no matter where the GOT7's seven performers go, it's clear that their loyal fans will be cheering for them every step of the way.