Twitter Can't Handle How Teachers "Remixed" This Drake Hit For The New School Year

Michael Steele/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Way back in my high school days, I had a substitute Algebra II teacher who, in an attempt to be "hip," frequently used the phrase "that's hot." You know, like Paris Hilton's catch phrase on The Simple Life. TBH, it was funny AF, but it was also a little embarrassing for everyone involved. Since The Simple Life is now a memory of the past, though, teachers have gotten super into spoofing Drake lyrics, to motivate students to read. And based on these tweets about Drake's "In My Feelings" with back-to-school lyrics, it seems like high schoolers' reactions are pretty similar to how I felt about my teacher quoting Paris Hilton.

OK, I know you might be cringing at the thought of educators using Drake lyrics in the classroom, but these teachers got really creative. Some of them took the time to make relatively realistic Drake paper cut-outs, and others came up with words to fill in the entire chorus. Can you blame teachers for getting in (and putting an educational twist) on the hottest trend of the summer: the #InMyFeelings challenge.

Honestly, students are going to have to look past their pride and hand it to these teachers — they're trying their best, and they got really innovative with this. Like, I'm simultaneously experiencing a little second-hand embarrassment, but I'm also pretty impressed. Just check out the finished works below to see for yourselves.

Seriously, how cool are those? I honestly wish I was half as creative as these teachers. TBH, I'm personally super proud of how cool and "with it" they are. Props to them.

While I'm a big fan of these giant works of art, some of the responses to show that some people are experiencing second-hand humiliation from this. I have to admit that watching teachers trying to be "cool" was always a little bit embarrassing, and my 2008 authority-defying self would have most likely felt the same way, in all honesty. Ah, the days of teen angst, am I right?

OMG, people said they would "drop out" at the sight of these. LOL

Others in the Twitterverse, on the other hand, are merely appreciative of how creative these teachers got with decking out their classrooms. While it might be a little bit embarrassing to have teachers try and "get hip" to their students, it's clear that they put a ton of of effort into coming up with lyrics, and decorating their classrooms with these. I'm all about these positive responses, honestly, because teachers are the best.

I'll admit that I was extremely embarrassed when my ninth-grade math teacher used "that's hot" in her vernacular, however, I'm pretty appreciative of it now. I mean, I'm pretty sure she was using it ironically, and if you think about it, that's kind of hilarious. Let's be real‚ she was also probably trying to just get a laugh out of the classroom. While some students might be cringing at their teachers using Drake lyrics to encourage reading, they'll most likely end up appreciating this a few years down the line, because seriously — these back-to-school Drake lyrics are straight-up amazing. Plus, these students should just be happy that their teachers aren't trying to do the Shiggy challenge during syllabus week, right?