Bachelor Nation Has Seriously Mixed Feelings About Demi & Colton


Spunky Texan Demi made a strong first impression on the Season 23 premiere of The Bachelor when she referenced Colton Underwood's virginity as soon as she stepped out of the limo. The 23-year-old continued to be a standout contestant in Episode 2 when she first messed with a group date rose and caused some mischief among the other women. I'm holding off on comparing her to Corinne Olympios for now, but these tweets about Demi are a lot to catch up on if you missed her antics.

Presenting herself as a tomboy in her Bachelor intro package, Demi was also open about never having a serious relationship and her mother being in prison for embezzlement. Upon exiting the limo and meeting Colton, she said, "I have not dated a virgin since I was 12, but I'm excited to give it another shot." While she appeared supportive of other women snagging their time with Colton, Demi was then a little more forward about grabbing his attention on a group date in Episode 2.

On the group date with guests Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, Demi seemed to thrive in the situation's awkwardness while other women slightly stumbled in sharing memorable firsts of their lives. In an interview, she said she hoped Colton appreciated her boldness, promising a story the other women couldn't top. While contestants confessed about older age, dateless nights, and finding self-confidence, Demi spoke about once being too scared to pursue a guy. Saying, "When I want something, I'm going after it," she then entered the audience to kiss Colton on the lips. Needless to say, the other women weren't too thrilled.

Telling the camera she'd "happily watch their demise" later in the episode, Demi's dominance over other contestants continued at the date's cocktail party. After spending the first bout of one-on-one time with Colton, Demi wondered in an interview why the women weren't being as aggressive in approaching him as she had been. Demi then picked up the group date rose, joking that it was hers and irking women like Tracy and Onyeka.

31-year-old Tracy blamed Demi's faux pas on age, giving many viewers flashbacks to Bekah M.'s insistence that she was a uniquely wise 22-year-old. The claim doesn't hold up as well in a season with a 26-year-old Bachelor and several 23-year-old contestants, but fans on Twitter were mixed on their opinions of Demi. Initially, the majority of Bachelor Nation seemed opposed to the way she was handling things.

Catherine, the 26-year-old DJ who brought her dog to the mansion, stepped on women's toes by stealing Colton one too many times on the first night, but viewers' predictions of her as a villain were also proven wrong. It's safe to say we'll all be keeping an eye on Demi this season.

On the other hand, some viewers loved her confidence and belief that Colton needed someone who was as forward as she was. While her lofty statements didn't earn her the date rose, Demi definitely seems to have garnered some support on the internet.

The public uncertainty about Demi continued when she decided to wear a bathrobe to the pre-rose ceremony cocktail hour. Approaching Colton in the outfit, she interrupted his time with Tracy and guided him upstairs to her "fantasy closet." The episode then cut to Demi wearing a tiny dress and massaging Colton in a bedroom before she returned in the robe. Um, what? Although Demi brushed off the women's comments about her clashing with Tracy, Demi then found Tracy and called her "one of the most amazing women" she's met. Um, OK?

We're all used to cocktail party shenanigans, but this is definitely a bold move to try so early on in the season. Bachelor Nation wasn't having Demi's attempt at more attention, taking to Twitter once again to break down their thoughts on her ageist comments, wardrobe choices, and stealing Colton from Tracy. Signs of support are still there, but it looks like most of Bachelor Nation isn't a fan of these decisions.

The season trailer promises both witty one-liners and angry outbursts from Demi, so it's safe to say that Colton probably doesn't hold this bathrobe incident against her.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 21, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.