People Are So Uncomfortable After Seeing Luke Wilson's Super Bowl Commercial


Colgate wasted no time in releasing it's 2019 Super Bowl ad, featuring none other than Luke Wilson. The 30-second ad, which debuted online on Jan. 18, was the first to drop this Super Bowl season, and sure, it'll make you LOL, but if Twitter's reaction is any indication, viewers were definitely not interested in getting that up close and personal with Wilson. These tweets about Colgate's Super Bowl commercial with Luke Wilson are proof that there is, indeed, such thing as "too close."

The ad for Colgate's "Total" line plays with the concept of a Colgate user having so much confidence (because they use Colgate, so obvi, they have fresh breath), that they have no problem talking to others real close. Like, too close. Uncomfortably close! The kind of close that you'd probably want to call HR for. From his co-worker, to the folks he's in the elevator with, to the mail delivery worker, the ad finds Wilson engaging in conversation with everyone he encounters, standing less than two inches away from their faces. It seems to have been partially shot from a point-of-view perspective, meaning Wilson's face (and the faces of several others) were front and center. As in, I can see every pore on your face, front and center.

I love Luke Wilson! Legally Blonde is definitely a Top 10 film for me. But this particular commercial was a little on the weird side, and Twitter seemed to think so too. Immediately following the ad's TV premiere, the social media site erupted in colorful commentary about just how uncomfortable it made everyone feel. See for yourself.

Twitter seemed pretty torn between Wilson being a little too close for comfort, and Wilson being just close enough. In fact, it's been a while since we've seen Wilson in anything, and it's safe to say folks were glad to see him make a comeback.

Several Twitter users were also quick to compare the Colgate ad to the first part of the two-part Seinfeld episode, "The Raincoats," which guest starred Judge Rainhold as Elaine's boyfriend Aaron, who is also a bit of a close talker.

Wilson definitely served up some serious '90s-early 2000s nostalgia with his Colgate Super Bowl commercial appearance. Having worked on several lesser-known films in the past few years, it was nice to see him work on such a high profile project as a Super Bowl commercial. His last television performance was as Bill Hanson in 2016's Roadies, and according to IMDb, Wilson is currently working on films Guest of Honour and The Swing Of Things.

Although Wilson has played the leading man on several rom-coms like My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Blonde Ambition, he'll always have my heart as Elle Woods' boyfriend Emmett on Legally Blonde. And in Legally Blonde II: Red, White, and Blonde, when he and Elle get married in Washington D.C. on the Fenway Park home plate? I wasn't the only one who cried... right? Right?! Either way, whether you're a long-time Luke Wilson fan or a brand new one, it's nice to see this rom-com king back on TV.