ARMY Twitter Is Gushing About How BTS Just Made Even More History On 'SNL'


The time has come, ARMYs! BTS has finally made their debut on Saturday Night Live and BTS fans everywhere are collectively going wild right now. They’re taking all their love and excitement for BTS to Twitter, as usual, and that means that there are loads of tweets to like and retweet on the TL. All the tweets about BTS on SNL are definitely going to entertain you and make you truly understand the weight of this momentous night.

Overall, ARMYs are just pumped about this historic moment. BTS' appearance on SNL marks the first time a K-Pop band has ever performed on the iconic show. It's a BIG DEAL, and that's not lost on BTS or their loyal ARMYs.

So, BTS took to the stage during the April 13 airing of SNL and gave a whole new audience a million reasons to become BTS fans. The host for the night, Emma Stone, started off the night by testing out the microphone levels by announcing BTS was in the house, prompting every ARMY in the audience to scream at the top of their lungs. Yeah, um, the mics were def working.

Here's what ARMYs on Twitter thought of Emma's joke!

Later on in the night during their appearance on the show, BTS performed two songs. First was their new Map of the Soul: Persona track, "Boy With Luv." Even though the boys had limited space on SNL's relatively small stage (compared to the massive setups the boys are used to), they still blew the crowd away with their amazing moves and angelic live vocals.

Halsey didn't make an appearance to help with vocals like she does on the track and in the boys' YouTube-record-breaking music video, but she was still there in spirit.

Given how lovable and energetic the guys were on the show, I think it’s probably safe to say that the average American finally understood all the buzz around the band. I mean, the guys truly gave the performance of their lives on the show and proved to everyone that the K-Pop appeal is universal.

That certainly isn’t an easy task, but BTS did it somehow. No wonder they’re so beloved around the world!

And the boys definitely made fans' night in another major way: by announcing they're performing at the BBMAs with Halsey!

Let's just say ARMYs lost their minds when they found out.

When everything was said and done, ARMYs were left feeling so emotional over all the boys have accomplished.

Clearly, the BTS ARMY is in love with all the guys and they seem to be even more in love with their performance on the show. And why shouldn’t they be? I mean, the guys did great. This SNL moment is bound to go down in history as one of the show’s greatest. It’s certainly a highlight for BTS.