The Transcripts Of Michelle Obama Helping Kids Track Santa Have Us Eager For Melania Trump's Turn

by Collette Reitz
Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Christmas Eve is one of the most highly-anticipated holidays in kid world. You've spent all year long trying to ensure you'd find your name on the nice list, and it all comes down to that one fateful night on Dec. 24. As if that's not exciting enough, some very lucky kids keep track of the whereabouts of the big man himself from none other than the First Lady of the United States. Even if you think you've "outgrown" Santa Claus, the former FLOTUS might make a believer out of you once you've read these old transcripts of Michelle Obama helping kids track Santa.

During her time serving as First Lady during the Obama administration, Michelle Obama began a festive tradition involving a very special Christmas Eve phone call — one which current First Lady Melania Trump plans to keep going. With the help of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) Santa Tracker, Mrs. Obama fielded phone calls from children wondering about Santa's Christmas Eve route. In a transcript from Dec. 24, 2016, you can read Mrs. Obama's heartwarming conversation with a number of children eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival.

Last year, the first kids on the line are named Adilyn and Aiden. After some personal greetings, they get into the nitty-gritty of Santa's whereabouts. Mrs. Obama relayed to the anxious kids that Santa was currently flying over Malta. Then, she threw a question over to Adilyn and Aiden, asking, "And there is one lead reindeer with a shiny nose — who do you think that is?" Adilyn and Aiden adorably responded in unison with, "Rudolph!"

Then, Mrs. Obama explained, "He's in Europe right now, and he's heading your way!" Her next question likely made her a hero to Adilyn and Aiden's parents when she explained the importance of getting to bed on Christmas Eve:

He's not going to show up until you're fast asleep, all right? I know it's exciting, but you've got to close your eyes, and the minute you close your eyes and he gets to that part of the world, he's going to drop off your toys, okay?

After Mrs. Obama assured the kids that Santa would visit them in any weather, she went on to let them know the she and then-President Barack Obama thought highly of them: "We're proud of you two kids, okay?" OK, hold the damn phone. It's Christmas Eve, Santa's on his way, and then, the freaking Obamas tell you that they're proud of you? There's no way Adilyn and Aiden will ever have a better Christmas than last year.

While Mrs. Obama was giving the kids the lowdown on Santa's location, she continued to push the idea that going to bed when your parents tell you to and falling fast asleep are the best ways to make sure Santa will make it to your house — making her a hit with sleep-deprived parents everywhere.

She really made her point when she was talking to a young boy named Ryan. She asked if Ryan knew that Santa wouldn't come to the house until he was asleep. Ryan responded with his specifics, sayingr, "Yes. I'm going to bed at eight." Mrs. Obama showed off her parenting skills (and sense of humor) when she retorted,

At eight? Okay, that sounds like a good plan. And he's going to know when you're fast asleep. Because you know how sometimes you say you're asleep and you're not really?

Ryan laughed as he assured Mrs. Obama that he knew what she meant about not really being "asleep." He also went on to fill in the former First Lady about what his Christmas morning would entail:

I'm going to wake up, like, around seven, and then I'm going to go downstairs, and my dad is going to take pictures of me. And I'm going to look at my presents that Santa gave me overnight

Ryan was all about the details. Mrs. Obama appreciated them, though, and she wished him a very Merry Christmas. Once again, Ryan will probably have a tough time topping that Christmas.

The full transcript is filled with eight adorable conversations, and the children all seemed very eager to get the details on Santa's whereabouts from the FLOTUS. Thankfully, as mentioned above, First Lady Melania Trump is carrying on the tradition this year, so kids won't have to worry about tracking Santa Claus down all by themselves. The current FLOTUS shared how eager she was to continue the tradition in an Instagram post:

For the sake of parents everywhere, hopefully Melania can also teach this year's eager children the importance of going to bed early, so Santa makes an appearance at their house.

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