These 'This Is Us' Group Costume Ideas Will Make Your Halloween That Much Better

by Ani Bundel

This Is Us returns to the airwaves for Season 3 at the end of September, and fans have their handkerchiefs at the ready. But the Pearson family isn't just good for a cathartic sob or two every week on Tuesdays. They also make an excellent group of characters to go as this coming Halloween. With the show's popularity growing exponentially over the first two seasons and airing in the post-Super Bowl slot last winter, everyone knows who the Pearsons are now. These This Is Us group costume ideas are perfect for couples, groups of three, families, or even squads of five.

To keep it simple, these suggestions all focus on the core Pearson clan, the ones, as Toby once said, on the inside. This doesn't mean larger groups shouldn't feel free to add a Beth, or a Miguel, or a Deja if they are so inclined.

The beauty of This Is Us is they dress, well, just like us! This makes doing any of their costumes a breeze. The fact is, every character's outfit can be assembled from clothing found on Amazon's website, and nearly all of it on Prime shipping. It's just a matter of which characters to choose.

Let's run down the Pearson clan eras, and how to dress like them:

1980 Pearson Family

Both Jack and Rebecca's 1980s-era costumes are super simple, and I assume you own jeans. Jack's flannel is $35, Rebecca's faux Steelers jersey is $30. Wear your own jeans and if you feel like carrying props, buy three babies.

1990 Pearson Family

The 1990s-era Pearson family blesses fans with a Halloween episode in Season 2. In cases like this, it is always best to go meta. The Sonny and Cher wigs are both on Amazon for $30 and $10, respectively. A leisure suit is $37, and a matching jumpsuit for her is $20.

The kids are equally easy since they're also in costume.

All three outfits are cheaper for kids!

1997 Pearson Family

The focus this year for the teenage mid-'90s Pearsons was the day Jack died. The kids are each their own version of a 1990s-era throwback.

As for Rebecca, don all black, and for Jack, cover yourself with soot.

Kevin, Kate, & Randall 2016

If you're working with a group of three, doing the Pearson triplets as fans see them in Season 1 would be a good bet. All three costumes are super simple.

If you wanna get prop-heavy, have Kevin carry a script, have Randall tote around a book of poetry, and have Kate carry an urn.