Manny Montana as Rio in Good Girls

Just 16 Thirsty Tweets About Rio From 'Good Girls'

by Ani Bundel

When Good Girls initially premiered on NBC back in 2018, it was a critical darling but not a big ratings-getter. The story of three suburban Michigan mothers who take to a life of crime to make ends meet, the comedy-drama thriller-caper stars Christina Hendricks (Beth), Retta (Ruby), and Mae Whitman (Annie) at their dramedy best. Despite so-so ratings, NBC not only kept the show going, but also allowed Netflix to pick up the rights to it. The resulting streaming bump has significantly raised the show's profile among viewers. It's also alerted the masses to the treasure who is actor Manny Montana, and these thirsty tweets about his Good Girls character Rio are proof of how much fans love a good-looking bad boy.

With Good Girls currently ranked well within the Top 5 titles streamed on Netflix in the U.S., it's a good bet a lot of fans are just now discovering Montana's Rio (whose real name is Christopher, FWIW). A high-ranking criminal who has a money-laundering business, he and Beth find themselves in a not-quite will-they-or-won't-they after Beth's initial stick-up of a grocery store turns out to be the laundering business for Rio's gang.

Getting into business with Rio's gang is how our Good Girls find success in a life of crime. Despite Rio being a "good" gangster, he's also precisely the kind of guy your mother said never to get involved with. Beth has been trying to listen to that little voice when it comes to her attraction to Rio, but audiences are hoping they end up together — if only because they can't have him for themselves.

It also doesn't help that audiences are utterly smitten with how Rio and Beth communicate their feelings. It may be a little on the unorthodox side, but that's because they speak each other's silent language.

As far as Good Girls fans are concerned, Rio and Beth are *the* romance on Netflix to stan (in addition to Bridgerton's Simon and Daphne, of course).

With Good Girls Season 4 arriving on NBC on March 7, fans are ready for the next chapter in the Rio-Beth relationship.

Good Girls Season 4 premieres on NBC on Sunday, March 7, 2021, at 10 p.m. ET. The first three seasons are streaming now on Netflix.