Unsolved Mysteries
5 Must-Read Theories About Xavier Dupont De Ligonnès From 'Unsolved Mysteries'

by Ani Bundel

Unsolved Mysteries Season 1, Episode 3 comes bearing the thriller-esque title "House of Terror." It's based on the unsolved 2011 murder of Agnès Dupont de Ligonnès and her four children, Arthur, Thomas, Anne, and Benoît. All five of their bodies were found buried under the porch of the family home in France. The police even had a suspect: The father, an aristocrat named Xavier DuPont De Ligonnès. Their only problem was, Xavier had disappeared and has never been found. These theories about Xavier Dupont De Ligonnès and where he might have gone explain why cases like this are so hard to solve.

Warning: Spoilers for Unsolved Mysteries Season 1 follow. The case is a horror show. Not only were Agnes and her four young children murdered, bagged, and buried under the house with religious icons next to them, but also, whoever did this killed both family dogs as well, and buried them too. According to the episode, all four children were given sleeping pills and then shot.

The lack of any evidence of anyone else breaking into the house and the amount of care taken in these killings and burials point to the murderer being Xavier — especially when it was revealed that Xavier, who was born the son of a count, had squandered the family fortune. By the time of the murders, he was deep in debt, and his father's death left him in charge of a legacy he could not save. However, his sister insists her brother is innocent.

That being said, Xavier's disappearance has meant this case has never been closed. Here are a few theories about what happened.

Xavier Was Killed By The Murderer

The most forgiving of the theories states Xavier DuPont De Ligonnès' disappeared not because he killed his wife and kids. Instead, the idea is that whoever did them in killed Xavier as well. The problem with this theory is twofold, though:

  1. Why is Xavier's body missing, if his wife and kids were left to be found? If he had been killed along with his family, it would make sense that his body would have been found among the others.
  2. There's no evidence there was another murderer. Everything about the case points to Xavier being the only other person in the house. If there was a third party involved, there should be some sign of it.
Xavier DuPont De Ligonnès Is In Hiding

This is based on sightings, and a letter the rest of the DuPont De Ligonnès family got after the murders. The family claims Xavier's letter says he went to Australia. But since the murders, DuPont De Ligonnès seems to be everywhere, like a chilling Where's Waldo. According to the RadioTimes, there have been over 900 reported sightings of him in the last decade; there was even a manhunt when someone believed they saw him on CCTV in 2016. And yet, he still has not been found.

He Joined A Monastery

A holy order is probably one of the last places people would look for a suspected murderer. It would also fit in with the religious icons and it would be an excellent place to get away from his debt. In 2019, it seemed like he'd done just that when there was a reported sighting of him outside a French monastery. But when the man was followed and captured by Scottish police, he turned out not to be Xavier. Did the police follow the wrong person? Or was it an erroneous report? That remains unclear.

Xavier DuPont De Ligonnès Killed Himself

It is generally accepted that Xavier DuPont De Ligonnès most likely killed his wife and children. But some believe he did not then flee the country to live guilt- and family-free. Instead, they think he completed suicide after killing his family. Once again, there's just one problem: Xavier's body has never been discovered.

He Has Died Under Another Name

Probably the most realistic answer is Xavier DuPont De Ligonnès is dead, but not after killing himself or getting murdered. This theory suggests Xavier did make a run for it, and possibly even got away for a while. But the fact that he's never been found suggests he's no longer out there for the finding. Wherever he went, it's possible he died and was buried under whatever name he was using. And if that's what happened, then chances are, he will never be found.

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