Taylor Swift Let Loose At Her VMA Nominations Party & Twitter Can’t Get Enough

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift really has some of the most loyal fans. I swear, Swifties always seem to have her back in any situation. Whether it's celebrating the highs of her successes from chart-topping albums or supporting her during lows like breakups, fans stay caught up on the happenings of Taylor's fascinating life. The latest T-Swift news to break the internet? It's an adorable video of the singer dancing to her hit "You Need To Calm Down," and you won't want to miss this one. There are already tons of memes that have been created from the Taylor dancing video and they're definitely a treat for fans. These Taylor Swift memes from her VMA nominations party will surely get you in the party mood in no time.

It all started when Taylor got a whopping 10 MTV Video Music Award nominations this year. Seriously, she's a superstar! Her nominations put her in a historic spot as one of only 21 artists in VMA history to receive three or more nominations for video of the year. The award show, which will be held on Aug. 26, will feature Taylor herself performing the fan favorite, "You Need To Calm Down."

With such big accomplishments under her belt, it's not surprising she wanted to celebrate with her friends at a Los Angeles party on Aug. 11. There were tons of celebrities at the huge bash, including Taylor's BFFs from the band HAIM and singer Hayley Kiyoko. The star-studded celebration got wild when Taylor let loose and danced to "You Need To Calm Down," which thankfully got recorded on video. Taylor looks fabulous in the video with a sparkly dress. Most importantly, she's having so much fun as she lip-sings her own lyrics: "But you're takin' shots at me like it's Patron." Taylor's dance moves are enviable as she works the hair-flip — she's definitely living her best life, and she totally deserves it after all the hard work she put into her album.

But the best thing about the viral video of dancing Taylor? The awesome memes that fans have been sharing on social media. I can't get enough of these memes that totally capture the Taylor mania for the VMAs.

Twitter user @taysflutterby speaks for all T Swift fans when sharing, "this speaks to my soul."

Diehard fans of Taylor can totally relate with the meme by @makenzi_adams: "Me explaining literally anything about Taylor to someone who isn't a fan." There are truly some things that only OG supporters can understand.

Perhaps the most relatable meme is this hilarious one from @SavLovesSwift with the caption: "When someone wakes me up from a nap." Taylor's disheveled look totally captures my entire post-nap existence.

@alison_karin writes: "When Taylor wakes up, watching Twitter." This one's a shoutout to the pop star herself, which I'm sure will be an accurate depiction of Taylor's reaction to the internet's jokes.

It really never gets old following the world of T-Swift and her loyal fan base. There's always something new that comes up — but until then, I'll keep dancing with Taylor!